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How to fight in the wild west!

Last month SlugFest Games was thrilled to announce that High Noon Saloon was nominated for an Origins Award.  This was an incredible feat considering that High Noon Saloon was released after the Con season in 2011, which means it did not get nearly as much exposure to gamers as games released at Gen Con or Origins did.  Today, we would like to introduce you to the game.

High Noon Saloon is an action card game where you take on the role of a combatant in an Old West brawl. You will be using a variety of guns, improvised weapons, or even your fists to attack opponents while jumping behind upended tables or ducking for cover behind the bar. Just like in any good western, the goal is to be the last desperado standing after the dust clears.

The saloon deck is split into four types of cards. Weapon Cards represent the weapons you grab while scrambling around the Saloon. Sometimes you get lucky and are able to find a loaded Peacemaker, sometimes you don’t and you’ll have to resort to your fist. In either case, you’ll be improving your gun or melee attacks with Attack Enhancement cards to try and cause more damage or do other tricky things–like shoot a weapon out of someone’s fist! Hopefully you’ll have enough block cards to avoid the brunt of the damage as well as Reload Cards to keep your guns full. Otherwise you’ll be forced to take advantage of cover to make up for it.

When you play the game, you take on the roll of a unique cowboy or cow girl.

We put as much play value into the game as we could. The base game is a solid brawler for free-for-alls of two to six players. Advanced play expands these base mechanics by including character specific special powers. We also included support for team play with a special set of Team Cards that allow players to interact with their teammates between turns.

What sets High Noon Saloon apart from our other combat games is the movement across a board. The High Noon Saloon has a variety of covers to dive behind, each offering their own unique defensive bonuses as well as other advantages. Taking advantage of the saloon’s layout, such as hunkering down in the Upstairs Balcony when you have a good gun, is the key to getting the edge on your opponents in a drawn out brawl.

If you are interested in seeing the game in action, come by the SlugFest Games booth at Origins – #425 – and we will gladly let you show your grit in a demo! You can also find the rules for High Noon Saloon on our website here.

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