Update #4 – A Change of Scale

The Book is Getting Bigger!

We have heard from a TON of people! Backers, fans, Gen Con attendees, and forum-goers have all been letting us know they want this book. They have also been letting us know what they want to see in it, including some things we didn’t think of before. Long story short, all your energy has gotten us nerding out about what we can do with this project. We’ve been reworking sections and expanding them with even more content.

For example, one Redditor asked if we would be covering the specifics of how long it takes to build a tavern. While we had expenses, materials, and the like covered, actually outlining the number of days/weeks/months/years needed to acquire the resources and fabricate the building will now also be included!

Long story short. We’ve been writing more, and all this stuff isn’t gonna fit into 48 pages!?

We thought about issuing a new stretch goal, but decided that if we are going to do this, we’re doing it right! So we are making a ‘slight’ change to the project… We don’t think any of you will mind though.

The Red Dragon Inn Guide to Inns and Taverns will be a full color 96-page sourcebook! 

What Does that Mean? 

That means folks who have already gotten on board are going to get a book that’s twice the size of the one they were already receiving. We are also altering our stretch goals:

$12,000 – Condition Cards: The Condition cards will help you track just how intoxicated your characters are getting. Everyone receiving a hardcover copy of the Guide will also receive 6 sets of condition cards, enough for a whole party of adventurers and a little bit extra! If you have a softcover or PDF reward coming your way we will make a Option for you to add them to your backer level.

$15,000 – Tavern Tiles: We will make print-and-play tavern tiles, allowing players to easily build their own tavern floorplans! These tiles will be made available for free on our website as a downloadable PDF.

$20,000 – “The Cursed Inn” Adventure! If we can reach the $20,000 level, we will send everyone who donates any amount amount at any level (even a dollar!) all also receive “The Cursed Inn”, A first level pathfinder adventure.

Wait? What? Did you just say an adventure? Yes, we did! Okay, we’ll come clean… The real goal of this campaign is not just raising the funds to put together an amazing sourcebook. We want to see if people are interested in SlugFest Games going into RPG-writing! We actually have an entire Campaign planned. If we can reach the $20,000 level, we will commit to releasing additional 96-page adventures that will tell the story of the founding of the first Red Dragon Inn!

“The Cursed Inn” will be the first adventure in the story. You see, there is this crazy dwarf named Warthorn Redbeard and he just bought this great inn… but it’s kind of cursed and infested with beasties… and that’s where you come in. He needs some heros to clean the place up… of course this will just be the beginning. Trust us, we have some awesome stuff planned!

We really want to tell this story, but we need to see you all supporting us! If we don’t hit that $20,000 mark, we will not be able to devote time into developing the adventure series right now. If you want to see SlugFest Games deliver another fantastic story, spread the word!

If you still haven’t checked out our Kickstarter click through bellow:


Happy Gaming!



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