SlugCrew Newsletter – December 2011

SlugCrew Newsletter – December 2011

Hello SlugCrew!
As we head into the most consumer heavy time of the year we at SlugFest Games just wanted to appreciate you for your hard work over and the volunteered time you have spent with us.  Thank you for running demos and events, for helping us out at conventions, and for being positive members of your gaming communities!

We would like to encourage any of you to help out your local brick and mortar stores this season by being there on game nights and helping them out by building up excitement about all the great stuff that came out this year.  If you happen to demo some SlugFest stuff, let us know and fill out a battle report!

Speaking of Events…
One of our California Slug Crew, Cedric Chin, has been tearing it up in the Silicon Valley recently.  He has been hosting demos and participating in events for us and other publishers throughout November and going on into December.  Just last week he ran demos of High Noon Saloon, Red Dragon Inn, and Kung Fu Fighting at Hacker Dojo‘s Black Friday Board Game Day.  This weekend he will be at the Bay Area Games Day in Los Altos running Arkham Horror in the morning, and then some more HNS and RDI.  To top it off he also participates in board game events by the Geek Club Meetup Group, in Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Santa Clara..  Long story short, Cedric has been a Machine, and it’s been awesome playing alongside him when we at SFG West have been able to catch up with his break-neck pace.

The Blog and HNS Errata
If you haven’t had a chance yet, do check out our Blog at  Our Rules Guru Jeff Morrow has been putting together some rather stellar posts about how why we put in the effort we do in designing the rules for our games.  You can also hear ruminations about what our 2012 and 2013 releases will be looking like.  You may recognize a certain fluffy little psychopath.

More importantly, though, we have posted a minor errata for High Noon Saloon.  The nuts and bolts of the clarification are below, but you can find out more about why we made the change on the Blog.

The first sentence of James Masterson’s special ability says this:

Whenever you put a Gun in your Fist or Holster, it becomes fully loaded (do not draw a Load Card).

It should read as follows:

Whenever you equip a Gun to your Fist or Holster, it becomes fully loaded (do not draw a Load Card).

In Conclusion
We at SlugFest Games hope you all have a great Holiday Season with friends and family.  For those of you who are on the road, out to sea, or in the air in the upcoming weeks, we wish you safe travels.  If you can spare the time, swing by and help out your brick and mortar.  And last but not least, Happy Gaming!


Sam Waller
Vice President, Game Design, Web

Dave Kalis
SlugCrew Chief

Joe Blomquist
Retail Liaison

Jeff Morrow
Game Design

Cliff Bohm
President, Art Direction, Game Design

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