Sight Checking Underway!

Wish there was a spellcheck button in real life.
Rules and design guru Jeff Morrow going through our printing proofs for Red Dragon Inn 1.

We just got our shipment of printing proofs for the next reprint of Red Dragon Inn 1 and 3!  That means counting cards for each deck, making sure the new rules and card text are represented, and that all the artwork is lined up correctly.  It’s a good opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the rules, since we will be reading them word for word for each set.

So far neither of us have found anything out of sorts, so it looks like we are on schedule for our reprint!

And just to be fair, here’s a terrible picture of me:

Sam Waller doing the same thing!
Social media and game design guy Sam Waller (me) doing the same thing for RDI:3!
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