Tales from the RDI

Put down your flagons and strap on your swords, it’s time to delve through some dungeons in Tales from the Red Dragon Inn! A new cooperative board game by SlugFest Games!

In Tales you will take on the role of one of our famous characters from The Red Dragon Inn series of games as they tackle their day job of being big damn heroes. The multi-scenario campaign pits the players against game-controlled enemies tailor-made for each brilliantly illustrated game map. Each scenario will take you to a new map, with new foes and even a few tricky puzzles to solve.

And where there’s maps…

Unique Maps Offer Unique Victories!

We’re tapping into that classic module-style of tabletop adventuring with each scenario. The enemies you’ll face are tied to unique maps, giving them varied behaviors that address the individual features of the map and define their own personal objectives. In addition to fun door-busting dungeon exploration, you’ll have chase-scenes, rescue missions, and tugs-of-war against the opposition as each scenario offers unique victory and loss conditions. Band together with your friends, and with a bit of luck and careful maneuvering, you’ll complete your party’s objective…before your enemies do!

Customize a Hero

Share an expanding armory of Item Cards with the other players, picking and choosing the equipment that fits your hero. Choose branches of your hero’s Power Tree to unlock one-shot bonus abilities to use each scenario. As you complete Chapters of the Campaign you’ll also gain new Hero Cards, drastically changing what abilities each hero can take into the dungeon.

A Turn full of Action(s)!

Our random initiative mechanic will keep you on your toes throughout a scenario. When your hero activates you’ll need to use the abilities from your personal set of Hero and Item Cards. Some abilities move you around the map, while others enable you to attack your enemies with a fist-full of dice. Carefully planning out your actions – and maybe the odd shenanigan – will be critical to achieving your objectives!

But watch out! When your foes activate, their custom Schemes will have them picking the heroes apart – or worse – even using the map against you. Don’t let the slimes smother you in acid pools, and don’t stand idly by as bandits burn down the market shops!

Dice are Back!

We bring dice back to the dungeon crawling genre, but only in the best of ways. No more rolls to hit; your attacks instead have the chance to land exciting critical hits, or they might contribute bonus dice to the Epic Pool. Have your friends already loaded the Epic Pool up for you with their own rolls? Then Empower your attacks to finish off your enemies before they do the same to you!

Story Time!

If you like Red Dragon Inn lore, Tales is going to be dripping with it. To celebrate the story content that’s jammed into every corner of Tales, we’ve gotten Geoff Bottone to spin some yarns about how the original party came together! Read the six-part saga here;

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