Only a Couple Weeks Left to Get the RDI Smorgasbox!

The Kickstarter Campaign for The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox ends on March 21st. This expansion has a little something for everyone, but the most important thing you don’t want to miss is the Collector’s Edition pledge level. This pledge level is your one shot at getting the latest expansion in it’s exciting super-box, perfect for the RDI fan who’s already maxed out their Character Trove and wants to have storage room to spare for a good long while.

But one big box is not all that comes with the game! All pledge levels are positively loaded with content fans have been requesting, including Roxana, a brand new character for both The Red Dragon Inn and Battle for Greyport, the long awaited reprint of Gambling? I’m in! with brand new art and games, new faction decks for our mechanical friend Otto, metal token upgrades for the Lich King’s fingers, Promo Drinks, Prizes, and more!

If you would like to learn more, check out these Updates to the campaign that have been dropping since launch:

We have even more in store over the next couple weeks. Remember, the campaign ends¬†March 21st and it will be your one opportunity to get that sweet Collector’s Edition upgrade. So head on over to the campaign and lock in your copy today!

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