Kung Fu Fighting is Back!

We’ve had occasional requests over the years to reprint our first game, Kung Fu Fighting. This game has long been a fan favorite, thanks to its fun flavor and super-simple game play. For a long time, there wasn’t enough demand to go to our manufacturer and make a whole new print run.

But now we have two important new developments in the games industry: Kickstarter and DriveThruCards. The combination of the two means that we can reprint old classics with relatively low risk. So that’s what we’re doing!

You can back our new project right now on Kickstarter. If you do, you are guaranteed a copy of the game, which includes all content from both Kung Fu Fighting and the More Kung Fu Fighting expansion. If we raise less than $30,000, everyone will get a simple (but high-quality) version of the game from our friends at DriveThruCards. If we hit our $30k stretch goal, we will instead send every backer a boxed edition of the game done via our normal manufacturing process rather than print on demand. Either way, you get a classic game (and its expansion!) at a great price.

So back now! And tell your friends – Kung Fu Fighting is back!

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