New Gambling? I’m In! Proofs!

Check out the new layout for Gambling? I’m In!

Notice the difference? The new card layout addresses a bunch of feedback we’ve recieved from our fans. We’ve dropped the Rogues and Warriors scale to clean up the layout a bit, and mirrored the symbols so you can fan the cards any way you like! Also, to make the cards easier to read for color-blind players, we’ve dropped the square and dot system of identifying the colors in favor of a unique symbols. Blue cards are circles, green cards are squares, and red cards are starbursts.

“But how can I play Rogues and Warriors if I don’t have the list of pairings?” Well that’s where the new cheat card comes into play:

The game will come with 10 (!) cheat cards that give you all the information in the game on one card. On the top you have all the ranks and their die value. On the bottom you have all of the animals set with their colors. And on the left you have the Rogues and Warriors pairings that let you do this:


Expect to see Gambling? I’m in! back in stock by December!

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