Eve wins the 2014 Doppelgänger Tournament!


Each Gen Con SlugFest Games hosts the annual Red Dragon Inn Doppelgänger Tournament. For those who are unfamiliar with the format, the tournament is an elimination-style event where each player is assigned a random character. The twist is in the first round, where you face off against up to 3 other players in a same-character mirror match!

We hit an all new record of 71 attendees this year. Players were paired up by drawing character buttons, part of the participation prizes, into pods of three to four players. After a few formalities, and some base rules and expectations were shouted out across our long tables by the rules guru himself Jeff Morrow, the party was under way!

Doppelganger Finalists

Gog was the first to subdue his doppelgängers in one of the most wild games of gambling and fisticuffs we’ve ever seen. Piloted by Bryan S. – who stayed pretty much in character the entire time – we fully expected to see him make the top table. There were a few other Tournament veterans making the rounds as well as plenty of newcomers. After all of the doppelgängers had been subdued, the remaining heroes partied together. The finalists and their tables were:

  1. Bryn who fought off Fiona, Serena, and Gerki.
  2. Gog who battered Zot, Remy, and Ozrik.
  3. Eve who bewitched Dimli, Tara, and Erin.
  4. Captain Whitehawk who outwitted Phrenk, Brother Bastian, and Cormac.
  5. Wizgille who tinkered her way out of trouble with Deirdre, Kaylin, and Pooky.

At the winner’s table this year Eve the Illusionist proved to be the adventurer supreme by not only defeating her doppelgängers by out brawling, out betting, and out drinking (or at least appearing to) the competition! Congratulations to Ben R. for taking home the brilliant storage chest assembled by one of our oldest SlugCrew Barry Figgins over at Lyris Laser Studios.

To check out what Gen Con looked like for SlugFest Games visit the photo album on our Facebook Page!


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