Dimli Wins Doppelganger Tournament 2013!

Greetings, SlugFans! This year’s Red Dragon Inn Doppelganger Tournament drew a record-breaking 63 players!

For those of you unfamiliar with this event, it’s simple: each player is randomly assigned an RDI character. In the first round, each player plays against 2 or 3 other players, all playing the same character! So, first we must determine who is the “real” Fiona, Gog, Cormac, etc. The winners from each table get randomly assigned to games in round 2, and the winners of those tables advance to the final table!

And yes, we used the new characters, as well! (Well, except for Natyli–we decided that her debuff mechanic doesn’t work very well in a Doppelganger setting.)

Prize support was generously donated by our friend Barry Figgins at Lyris Laser Studio. Check out his pimped-out RDI boards–they’re super cool!

So, without further ado, here are the first round winners!

  • Fiona: Diletta Dang
  • Deirdre: Chad Elann
  • Zot: Gary McLaughlin
  • Gerki: Bill Hegg
  • Gog: Kassidy Brechbill
  • Fleck: Jim Sutherin
  • Eve: Gordon Cunningham
  • Dimli: Chris Calvert
  • Wizgille: Aimee Coleman
  • Serena: Stephen Foster
  • Kaylin: Hans Peterman
  • Phrenk: David Nicklaw
  • Captain Whitehawk: Byron Olson
  • Remy: Max Raabe
  • Tara: Isaac Payne
  • Bryn: Bobbie Almy (who also made last year’s final table!)
  • Cormac: Michael Bryant
  • Erin: Cecily Cunningham
  • Pooky: Mark Morrison

The final table consisted of Gerki, Zot, Dimli and Erin, and it was a very interesting match! Everyone was jockeying for position, then, all of a sudden, everything was over! On Gerki’s turn, he was getting rather close to passing out, while Zot and Erin were both hurting on gold. Gerki started a Round of Gambling, forcing Erin to ante her last gold. Later in the round, Zot forced Erin out of the Round and therefore out of the game. By the end of gambling, however, Zot had also been forced to commit his last gold to the pot! Gerki won the round, then proceeded to have no way to avoid his drink for the turn, so he passed out, leaving Dimli looking around wondering what happened to all of his friends!

Doppelganger 2013 Winners

The Final Table: Bill Hegg (Gerki, 2nd place), Gary McLaughlin (Zot, 3rd place), Chris Calvert (Dimli, 1st place), and Cecily Cunningham (Erin, 4th place)

Jeff and ChrisJeff congratulates our winner, Chris Calvert!

Congrats to all the winners, and many thanks to all the participants! Come back and play again next year!

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