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Well that was fast!

It is a great pleasure to meet newcomers, and welcome back old SlugFans! Thank you so much for rocketing the campaign through our funding goal in less than 24 hours. That is a HUGE accomplishment and makes us very proud of our game and overwhelmed by the support of our fans.

Now, with our sails at full mast we’re going to be dead set on getting to our first Stretch Goal: The Sea Event Deck.

The Sea Event Deck

The Sea Event Deck provides you with a new way to play The Red Dragon Inn. Instead of carousing in the relative safety of The Red Dragon Inn, you are partying in the Captain’s Cabin aboard The Crimson Drake. Because you are out on adventure, the party runs the risk of being interrupted by random encounters. Some of the encounters are relatively safe, while others are very dangerous!

The following graphics and text are subject to change. The mechanics and contents of the Sea Event Deck as you see them here are going through playtesting with our SlugCrew all across the country, so this preview will give you a great look at some of the card effects and basic mechanics. We were actually planning on doing this update next week, but you guys are so darn eager, we just had to put this out, final art and text or not.

How to Play with the Sea Event Deck

At the start of the game, you shuffle the Sea Event Deck and place it in the middle of the table with two Progress Counters on it. You then play RDI like normal. However, at the end of each player’s turn, that player removes a Progress Counter from the Sea Event Deck. When you remove the last Progress Counter, reveal the top card and an Event takes place!



A Sea Event is a lot like a Drink Event. When you reveal the Sea Event, follow the instructions in the text box (4). After an Event has resolved, place a number of Progress Counters (3) equal to the Encounter Level (2) onto the Sea Event Deck, then play proceeds as normal. The next time a player removes the last Progress Counter at the end of their turn, they reveal the next Sea Event!

TreasureIsland Thunderstorm

There are a wide range of different Sea Events in the deck, and while many of them are detrimental, others can be beneficial to one or more players. You’ll have to stay on your toes each time the Progress Counters start to dwindle!

How does this change the game?

The Sea Event Deck adds a new level of complexity to the base game. Not only will you need to protect yourself from the other players, as well as the Drink Deck, but you may find yourself forced to defend against a Sea Event! You could even end up working alongside other players to get a bonus from the various Events you’ll see throughout a game. There are 12 unique Sea Events in the 20-card deck, and most 4-player games will see about a third of the Sea Event Deck over the course of the game.

It will also be big! The cards will be portrait-style 3.5”x5” cards with full color art!

How do we get it?

We are very excited about the Sea Event Deck and want to include it in every copy of The Red Dragon Inn: 4. That means we need to raise at least $20,000. You can help us out by spreading the word. Like the campaign, tweet about it, and post and comment on your favorite blogs, subreddits, and forums.


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