Black Friday Gaming Update!

Hello everyone!

SlugFest Games will be at Hacker Dojo tomorrow, November 24th for their Black Friday Board Games Day.  Come check out and playtest our 2012 games:

  • Erin the Ever Changing – An elven druid joins the Red Dragon Inn party, switching between her Bear, Raven, and Tree Wildshapes to avoid drinks, snatch up gold, and dish out punishment.
  • Pooky the Vicious – Zot’s trans-dimensional Familiar Pooky joins the party with his own deck, and is ready to bite back against anyone (or everyone!) who decides to pick on his cute and fluffy white self.
  • Magician’s Club – The carnival’s manager is giving the boot to one of you Magicians, and you’ll have to impress the audience or sabotage your opposition to win the crowd to keep your job in this fast and furious card game.

Hope to see you guys there!

– Sam Waller, VP SlugFest Games

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