Battle for Greyport: Updates and Resources

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Hi, everyone! We’re happy to announce a new resources page for The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport, our cooperative deckbuilding game. This page is where we will put new content, including alternate scenarios, videos, and updated rules documents.

Speaking of updated rules, we’ve made a few changes and clarifications to the rulebook based on customer feedback. The big change is that we’ve introduced the concept of Rest Healing. At the beginning of the game, you choose a number of HP to heal between encounters (when you level up). For your first game, we recommend 2, and we suggest bumping that number up or down as necessary for later games. Here’s the beauty part about this new rule: if you liked the game as it was before, you can simply pick a Rest Healing of 0 (now called “Hardcore Mode”) and the game plays just like it did originally.

We added lots of clarifications to the rules, too, like:

  • We made it clear that Taunt is always optional, and that the down arrow just means “if you’re going to Taunt something, you need to do it right when you play the card” (pages 10 and 16).
  • We reworked the monster damage section of the rules (page 11) to make it clear that all of the steps you follow when a location is destroyed are ONLY for that case, and that you don’t distribute monsters from the location at any other time.
  • We made it clearer that only the defending player may recruit, discard and refill at the end of a round (page 12).
  • We removed the confusing term “Encounter Cleanup” and wrote a new, more detailed section called “Ending the Encounter” (page 13).
  • We added a “Tips and Tricks” section with a bit of strategy advice (page 14).
  • We clarified that if you shield all the damage from a monster with an ability like Slash or Cursed, the ability never happens (page 15).

There were various other small fixes, as well (for example, the printed rulebook mistakenly says that there are 44 HP tokens, when the box actually only contains 42).

We’ve also updated the scenario The Interrupted Party. Customer feedback suggested that new players were getting frustrated by the difficulty level of that introductory scenario. After looking at customer response, it became clear to us that we were trying to do a little too much with that scenario. We wanted it to be a good introduction, a reasonable challenge for new players, and also fairly short. Unfortunately, putting all three of those things together meant that we didn’t do any of them particularly well. So, for the updated Interrupted Party, we removed the “short game” requirement and just focused on the other two.

So, we hope you like the updates. Be sure to bookmark the resources page for new content and updates. Thanks, everyone!

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