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A Gala to Remembala!

A Gala to Remembala! By Geoff Bottone Today we dive into the finale of our tale from the Undercity. The plan has been set, will our heroes foil it in time? This is Chapter 5 of an ongoing story. Follow this link if you missed Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. Petra didn’t look back, or look at the box she now carried tucked under one arm. Instead, she kept right on running until she had reached Greyport street level. Then, slowing just a bit so as not to be stupidly obvious, she jogged a zig-zag track

Dale the Mycologist

Dale the Mycologist By Geoff Bottone The Red Dragon Inn 9 – The Undercity is live on Kickstarter! Today we dive into a tale from the Undercity. Let’s meet Dale, our diminutive, pixie mushroom farmer as he runs into an intriguing character up to no good. “Hey!” shouted Dale, his mouth full of mud. “Watch where you’re going!” He pushed himself up off of the cavern floor and squinted angrily through the roiling cloud of spores. Ahead of him, a gorge of absolute ruin had been carved straight through the middle of his carefully cultivated field. In the distant shadows,