Season 3 SlugCrew Rewards!

Back in February we announced the Winner of the RDI Design Contest: Keet the Goblin Archaeologist designed by Ben Iverach-Brereton. We are excited to announce that Keet will now be next season’s Major Reward for SlugCrew!



Firewater. Why’d it have to be Firewater?

To continue the wild success of the Major Reward, we have another Ally coming your way! Keet the Goblin Archaeologist and his collection of rare and wondrous artifacts will completely change how you approach your Gold game at the tavern. With Keet’s gold replaced by a stack of powerful relics, players will be fighting everyone at the table to try and get their hands on one. Just be careful you don’t get one that is cursed!

Our new goblin is currently in early art production, illustrated by our new staff artist Erin Wong, and will hopefully start shipping out to SlugCrew around August.




The Minor Reward for for next season will be a new set of drinks themed after Red Dragon Inn characters from our previous sets. Most of these drinks have been illustrated by Erin Wong and they look absolutely amazing! Expect to see these drinks to start shipping in July.


These fabulous rewards are offered as a thank you to the hard work of our Slug Crew members. This international demo team has been responsible for bringing the RDI fun to stores and conventions near you for more than 8 years! If you are interested in joining the ranks and sharing your love for RDI, you can sign up on the SlugCrew Homepage.

One of the best ways to get your build up your event hours is to run Organized Play events at your friendly local game store! Check out the Organized Play Homepage for more info on how you can start running these events now!

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