Prize Cards Join The Red Dragon Inn!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new, exciting way to spice up your game of The Red Dragon Inn: the Prize Variant.

The Prize Variant is a new way to amp up a Round of Gambling by adding some serious stakes to pot (as if losing all your gold wasn’t important enough!). Each of the Prizes we will be introducing have some pretty significant consequences, and your ability to outplay your opponents in a Round of Gambling will become an important part of your game-winning strategy.

Prizes are a new kind of card that represent special trophies you win along with all the sweet sweet gold when you take the pot after Round of Gambling. That means you can win them by just outplaying everyone at the table like an honest adventurer, by pulling off some cheaty shenanigans, or by catching a cheater trying to pull off some cheaty shenanigans! You can check out the full rules for prizes here.

At the start of the game, take any number of Prize cards you like, and add them to the Inn’s supply (where you keep the extra gold and such).

When a player starts a Round of Gambling, they also pick one of the available Prize cards to add to the pot, then play proceeds as normal. When you claim a Prize, leave it in front of you, then follow its instructions at the appropriate time. For example: The Absorbent Towel triggers “The next time you Ignore a Drink…”.

Using a Prize when it triggers is not optional. If you fulfill the triggering game event, you must use the Prize’s ability, whether it is beneficial to you or not. After you have resolved the Prize’s ability, it is moved to the Prize Bin, a holding pile for used Prizes.

If a player starts a Round of Gambling and there are no Prizes in the Inn, then all Prizes in the Prize Bin are returned to the Inn, giving that player a choice of any of the now available Prizes. If there are no Prizes in the Inn and there are also no Prizes in the Prize Bin, then that player just starts a Round of Gambling like normal without picking any Prize.

If the pot goes to the Inn for whatever reason, the Prize in that pot also returns to the Inn and is available in future Rounds of Gambling. Furthermore, Prizes are not actually gold, therefore you can’t steal them from the pot with cards like Eve’s “Sleight of Hand” or Gerki’s “Grab a coin while no one’s lookin’!”

The Prize Variant will be officially introduced to the game in multiple exciting ways:

  1. The “Absorbent Towel” will be included in The Red Dragon Inn 7 – The Tavern Crew, available this Fall.
  2. The “Talisman of Liquid Courage” will be included in The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Spyke and Flower available this Fall.
  3. The “Six-Fingered Glove” will be included in Munchkin®: The Red Dragon Inn available from Steve Jackson Games.
  4. Finally, the “Adorabomb” will be next season’s Convention Giveaway available for the first time at Gen Con 51 on August 2nd.

Each of these cards is a great addition to the game on their own, but are even better together. So start hoarding your Winning Hands, loaded dice, and anti-cheating cards because Prizes are coming soon to a tavern near you!

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