Piper vs Ripsnarl – Now on Kickstarter!

It’s time for two new characters to join our party in The Red Dragon Inn!

Piper, Eagle-Eyed Sniper is a brilliant marksman who can hit any target with ease. Her mortal enemy Ripsnarl is a literal party animal. Together, they are a product that you can back on Kickstarter!

Piper has a side deck of hilarious arrows that allow her to (once in a while) combo off, Legolas-style, showing her opponents what it means to be on the bad side of such an excellent archer.

Ripsnarl’s deck includes cards that have a different effect whether he is in his human form or his werewolf form. His werewolf form tends to cause more damage to his opponents, but when he is a human he builds up Fury, allowing him a damage bonus when he becomes a werewolf again. And, of course, Ripsnarl is a villain, so he has extra cards to add to his deck during a Boss Battle!

The Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels for the casual fan, the hardcore collector, and even the total Red Dragon Inn newbie! So head over to Kickstarter and back the project today!

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