Introducing the SlugCrew Rewards Program!

Hi, everyone!  Today we’re excited to announce some big changes to SlugCrew!

First, if you visit our new SlugCrew page, you will see a description of SlugCrew and a form to sign up.  (We ask that any existing SlugCrew members sign up again via this form so that we can get everyone into the new system.)  Once you log in, you will see some useful resources, including a form which you can use to inform us of the events you run at stores or game conventions.

This is all well and good, but the big new change to SlugCrew comes in the form of the new SlugCrew Rewards Program.  Starting today, you can earn SlugCrew points by running events.  As you accumulate points, you will be eligible for SlugCrew-exclusive rewards.  Each calendar year, we will come up with a minor reward and a major reward.  When you earn 30 points, you will receive that year’s minor reward.  When you earn 150 points, you will earn the major reward.

So, how do you earn points?  By running demos of our games, of course!  After you enter an event report via our web form, we will confirm the event (by contacting the game store or convention staff) and award you some number of points.  The rule of thumb we will use is that 2-3 hours of demo time at a store will earn you 10 points.  Point awards for different activities will be scaled using that rule.  And points earned starting today will count toward 2013 rewards, so you can all get a head start by running some holiday season demos!

So, without further ado: the 2013 rewards!

2013 Minor Reward: an exclusive RDI drink card that’s much zanier than anything we’d normally print!

2013 Major Reward: Ozrik the Adept, a SlugCrew-exclusive new RDI character!

Ozrik is a powerful elementalist who can beef up some of his cards by discarding other “element cards” when playing them.  We’ve playtested him a bunch so far, and he’s super interesting and fun to play.  (OK, he’s a bit too powerful right now, but we know how to fix that…)

Yes, that’s right: you can be the first on your block to play a brand-new RDI character.  We do plan to eventually print Ozrik as part of the RDI: Allies series, but to keep him exclusive to SlugCrew, we promise not to make him available to the general public until May 2014 at the earliest.

We expect the 2013 rewards to start shipping sometime in April.  So start earning points now!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here or contact us at

Thanks, everyone!  We hope you’re as excited about this new program as we are!


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