Can a Sometimes Card Negate/Ignore Wizgille Gear Cards?

Can a player play a Sometimes card that Negates/ Ignore, or counter the effects on Wizgille’s Gear Deck?

I played a card that requires me to draw a card from Wizgille’s Gear Deck.
The card I played works but the Gear card reads,
” You lose 1 fortitude
Pick two other players, they also lose 1 fortitude.”
So I chose two other players for them to lose a fortitude, but one ignored the effect and the other played a card that makes me also lose 2 fortitude. In total I lost 3 fortitude from the card drawn from the Gear deck.

I’m a bit unsure if Sometimes cards could be played on her Gear Deck since she doesn’t really have control over whenever it attacks players with a fortitude, especially if there are only two other players. And she only has one card that allows her to change her Gear, “Wait, wait… I can fix that.”

TL;DR – Yes if the Sometimes Card can Negate/Ignore the Device Card.

Whenever you play a Device Card, you immediately flip a Gear Card and combine the effects. So, if your Sometimes card can negate the Device Card, then it Negates the Gear Card as well. The expanded character rules for RDI3 cover this. Here’s the relevant text:

Many of the cards in Wizgille’s Character Deck have gears in their title box. These are her Device Cards. Whenever you play a Device Card, reveal the top card of your Gear Deck and add its effects to the Device Card. The Device Card and its attached Gear Card(s) are treated as a single card with the combined effects.

In your example, Wizgille does indeed lose 3 Fortitude. Wizgille is definitely a chaotic character and can do a lot of damage to herself throughout the game, but remember, she is also the only character that you can bank on causing damage during anyone’s turn. I have won many a game by playing consecutive Device Cards during a long Round of Gambling to knock players out through Fotitude loss.

Happy Gaming!

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