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RDI Tools Documentation – Introduction

The mobile-browser-friendly RDI Tools allow you to keep track of your RDI collection and that of your friends. Based on those collections, you can quickly and easily assign random characters to players, select a random drink deck, and add random promo drinks and prizes to your game. With the RDI Tools, it’s fast and easy to set up a new RDI game!

Do you have a bug report or a feature request? Please fill out this form to give any kind of feedback about the tools!

Logging In

To use the RDI Tools, you must first log in to the website at https://slugfestgames.com/tools/.

If you already have a user account (because you previously signed up for SlugCrew), that account will work here. If you don’t have an account, follow the “sign up” link at the bottom of the page.

Note: Some functionality of RDI Tools requires a mobile device with a multitouch display. You may still log in and use the tools on a desktop or laptop computer, but some functionality will be disabled.

After logging in, you should see button links, along with a “Fun SlugFact” that changes every time!

The “RDI Rules” button leads to a collection of all of the up-to-date rules documents. The other two buttons lead to tools that are described in the next sections.

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