Players: 2-5
Time: 20-30 Min Per Player
Ages: 13 and Up
MSRP: $29.95

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Welcome to Copperforge!

Copperforge is the center of arcano-mechanical invention in the world of The Red Dragon Inn. It’s Wizgille the Tinkerer’s hometown, and normally it’s the picture of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, there are new and nefarious bad guys bringing all the cogwheel-ed chaos you can imagine to town!

In this expansion to our cooperative deckbuilding adventure game The Battle for Greyport, you’ll be able to protect the landmarks of a whole new city, halt a train heist, and KO steampunk-flavored mecha pilots. New playable heroes, new scenarios, new bosses, and new monsters are all a part of the package!

Upgrade the Danger with Contraptions!

Dinglehoppers and whatzits are plentiful in Copperforge, and that means that it’s not just the heroes who are going into the fray well-equipped! Contraptions begin play attached to monsters, enhancing them with new or stronger abilities. When a monster with a Contraption is defeated, that Contraption becomes a resource for the heroes instead, to be played like an item card.

The best thing about inventions is the daring creativity! Contraptions come in all shapes and sizes, fashioned for all kinds of uses.


  • 10 new playable characters (Wizgille, Wrench, Eve, Gog, Zariah, Lizwick, Natyli, Bastian, Phrenk and Kaylin)
  • 6 new scenarios
  • 10 new bosses
  • 2 new monster decks
  • New mechanic: Contraptions
  • 14 deck dividers for storage

Also includes a Tavern, a prize, and drink cards for The Red Dragon Inn!

Learn the Rules:

Battle for Greyport – Chaos in Copperforge Rules (pdf, 2 MB)

Download Updated Content:

Battle for Greyport Resources

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