Tales Demo Landing Page

Welcome to the Tales Demo landing page! Now that you have your free Tales Demo Kit, here is where you can find the guide to help you use it.

Tales Demo Guide PDF (PDF, 18.7 M)

Demoers should be at least a little familiar with the game – we recommend playing through Scenarios 1 and 2 before setting out to run demos of Tales. Don’t have an open copy of the game? You can try it digitally with Tabletop Simulator, which is available on Steam. Once you have TTS installed, you can find our public preview of Tales from the Red Dragon Inn here.

Other Documentation

Walkthrough Guide (PDF, 72.2 M)

Chapter 1 Scenario Book (PDF, 34.4 M)

Reference Manual (PDF, 24.1 M)

Audiovisual Aids

We’ve made a small series of videos to help you learn the basics of Tales gameplay! These videos are a supplement to the rules and should not be treated as a replacement, and you should not play them in the middle of your demos.

Are you a Retailer? Don’t have a Tales Demo Kit yet? Let us know that you want one!

We’ll try to have an order form up for you soon – in the meantime, email jen@slugfestgames.com and she’ll help you get a FREE Demo Kit! (We will review your order by hand, confirm it via email, and then send it to you within 2-3 weeks.*)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us!


*Legalese Zone

If you are not a retailer, you will not receive a confirmation, and you will not receive a kit.

You may not sell kits you receive, in whole or in part. Retailers found to be selling their Tales Demo Kits will be made ineligible for further kits and potentially other SlugFest Games programs such as RDI Organized Play.

SlugFest Games reserves the right to limit the number of kits you receive in consideration of a limited supply.

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