Tales from the Red Dragon Inn Changelog

Tales from the Red Dragon Inn – Changelog

Last updated July 8, 2024

SlugFest Games periodically makes adjustments and clarifications to Tales from the Red Dragon Inn. This page summarizes those changes.

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Second Printing

  • Eve Hero Mat: Added italic text to Phantom Punch clarifying that the Attack comes from Eve, not from an Illusion.
  • Ogre Trinket: Changed “Minor Item” to “Support Item”.
  • Ancient Wizard Fire: Clarified that if the fire triggers, it is removed from the map, just like regular Wizard Fire.
  • Beer Goat Ally (Promo Card): Card now correctly says “Leap [leap icon] 4” rather than the confusing “Move [leap icon] 4”.
  • “Place” vs “Put”: Some of the original documentation interchageably used the terms “put” and “place”, but some abilities also use “Place” as a game term, as defined in the Glossary. The game is now more careful about using “Place” only where it means the game term defined in the Glossary, and using “put” when the normal English meaning is intended. This impacts all of the documents, plus the cards Bag of Traps and Ancient Wizard Fire.
  • Scenario 9, “Arm Up” Scenario Action: Changed wording slightly to clarify that each Hero may activate this ability once per game.
  • Scenario 10, “Map Features – Portal”: Clarified that yes, you can Pull figures through portals.
  • Scenario 16, “Dire Ant Lion”: Added the sentence “In the unlikely event that all spaces on the track are filled, slide all Initiative Tokens to the left and put the new token on the ‘Highest Priority’ space.” This corner case can happen, for example, if you are using the Dire Chicken Feather Initiative Token.
  • Scenario 25a, “Scenario Notes”: Clarified that to “advance the round tracker” you move it one step closer to the green “0” space.
  • Glossary, “Deploy” and “Reinforce”: Added a definition of “Deploy” to the Glossary. The definitions of “Deploy” and “Reinforce” now include the rule that says that if you can’t put the figure in the specified space, you should put it in the Nearest Unoccupied one, with players breaking a tie if multiple such spaces exist. Both definitions now also include the rule that if you run out of figures to deploy, you simply don’t deploy the extras.
  • Glossary, “Trap”: Clarified that if a Trap is placed directly onto a figure that would be affected by it, the Trap triggers immediately.
  • Appendix A, “Pooky”: Clarified that Zot must activate Pooky on his turn. It’s not optional.
  • Appendix G: Added Appendix G – Character Levels. This Appendix is included in its entirety in the PDF version of this changelog above.

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