SlugCrew Policies

SlugCrew Policies

These policies are recorded here for the benefit of SlugCrew members. They may change at any time – the SlugCrew Coordinator will make attempts to communicate larger changes, but SlugCrew members are responsible for reviewing this document and staying up-to-date.


SlugCrew members are obligated to conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner, as laid out in the SlugCrew Terms and Conditions.

If complaints are received regarding a SlugCrew member, we will investigate as fully as we are able, asking for information from any parties we can reach. Once we have investigated the complaint, we will inform the member of our ruling. If the member has been found to be violating the Terms and Conditions, they will be removed from SlugCrew.


In order to count towards SlugCrew, Events must be reported through the SlugCrew website. SlugCrew members are responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of their Event reporting.

In order to count towards SlugCrew, Events must be open to the public, and held in a public space. Home games never count towards SlugCrew! If a game is held in a private residence and/or on an invitational basis, it cannot be approved for points.

SlugCrew members must report their events in a timely fashion. Events reported later than 3 months after the event date will not be approved.

SlugCrew members should provide the name or title and address where their Event took place in the Location entry of their report. For example, a good entry could read; “Location: The Local Game Store, 123 Example St., City, State.”

SlugCrew members should provide the phone number of the location where their Event took place in the Phone entry of their report (and not their own personal phone number.)

Once reported, Events will be reviewed by the Coordinator. The Coordinator will verify the Event to their satisfaction, and if the Coordinator deems the Event eligible for points, they will assign those points and Approve the Event. This review happens on a weekly basis, but delays may happen depending on SlugFest Games’ convention travel and workload.

If the SlugCrew Coordinator cannot verify an Event with the information reported, they will do their best to verify it through their own research, and may contact the SlugCrew member. If the Coordinator cannot verify that an Event happened, it will not be Approved.

SlugCrew members should report only the time they spend demoing for their Events. For example, if a SlugCrew member demos for 4 hours during a convention that lasts 24 hours, they should report a 4 hour long demo. Their demo may be a part of the larger event, but only the time they actively spent teaching a SlugFest game is eligible for points.

SlugCrew members earn 5 points for every hour they spend demoing SlugFest’s games.

The SlugCrew Coordinator reserves the right to award or not award points at their own discretion in cases where reporting or other circumstances are unclear.


Once a SlugCrew member has accumulated enough points to qualify for a Reward (either Minor or Major), the SlugCrew Coordinator will update their profile with the awarding of the Reward and get it sent to the address currently in the SlugCrew member’s record on the SlugCrew database. This process may take 2-3 weeks for a SlugCrew member living at a domestic United States of America address, and slightly longer for members outside of the United States of America.

If a SlugCrew member sees that they have been awarded a Reward, and 3 or more weeks have passed without receiving it, they should reach out to the SlugCrew Coordinator! SlugFest Games wants SlugCrew members to get the rewards they’ve earned and will work with members to resolve the matter.

SlugCrew Member Information

If a SlugCrew member has a change of address, they will need to reach out to the SlugCrew Coordinator in order to have their information updated. After a request has been made to update a SlugCrew member’s information, the Coordinator will make those changes as soon as possible.


The SlugCrew Coordinator will use a SlugCrew member’s given email address to contact them about varying things – this could range from a demoing opportunity at a local convention to asking for clarification about a complaint and so on.

Once the Coordinator has emailed the member, after a week without a response from the SlugCrew member, the matter will be handled according to the nature of the contact or request as follows;

  • Request for more information about a reported Event that has yet to be approved for points: The Event will be Denied.
  • A Reward has been returned to the Coordinator in the mail: The Reward will be kept, to be resent once the member contacts the Coordinator with updated address information.
  • A local convention or store has requested demos, or SlugFest Games is seeking assistance at a convention booth: The Coordinator will assume a lack of interest and consider the contact resolved.
  • Request for more complete address information in order to send Rewards: The Reward will be kept, to be sent once the member contacts the Coordinator with updated address information.

Organized Play and Similar Prize Programs

SlugCrew members are encouraged to inform their local game stores about these programs, and run events within these programs at their local game stores.

SlugCrew members who run Organized Play and similar events are responsible for reading and abiding by the rules for that program, including the Prize Distribution rules.

SlugCrew members may not order Organized Play and similar prize kits from the website at their own discretion.

Case-by-case exceptions can be made for things like organizing tournaments at local game conventions, provided that the SlugCrew member contacts the Coordinator with their plans, can demonstrate that the convention in question will be paying for the kit, communicates their understanding of the Prize Distribution rules, and receives approval from the Coordinator.

SlugCrew members may not use the contents of Organized Play kits or the contents of similar prize kits (such as Tavern League) as demo incentives, or for any purpose other than those specifically outlined in the Prize Distribution rules of the relevant program.

SlugCrew members who violate the Prize Distribution rules for any SlugFest Games In-Store Events program (Organized Play, Tavern League, etc) WILL be removed from SlugCrew.

Last Updated: 4/20/2021

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