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SlugCrew Online Event Policies

These policies are recorded here for the benefit of SlugCrew members. They may change at any time – the SlugCrew Coordinator will make attempts to communicate larger changes, but SlugCrew members are responsible for reviewing this document and staying up-to-date.


Ordinarily, SlugCrew have not been able to run Events online and have them Approved for SlugCrew points. This is because online Events are extremely difficult to verify for the SlugCrew Coordinator, and because online games are effectively invisible to non-participants. By their nature, online events require at best a semi-invitational framework in order to get participants together. This violates a few core precepts of the SlugCrew Policies.

However, recent events have made it clear that online events may be the safest and most possible to arrange for the time being, and SlugCrew members may run Events online for the forseeable future as long as they follow the guidelines in this document.

Please see the original news post for a more reader-friendly explanation, along with advice and examples.


Any software and hardware combination is acceptable as long as the players can clearly see the cards and components they need in order to play, and can clearly hear guidance from the SlugCrew member running the game.

Online games MUST be demos! More specifically, at least one player must be learning how to play the game.

Online games MUST have a public solicitation for the event posted beforehand on a public-facing website or social media page, that you can share with the SlugCrew Coordinator after the Event. This rule may seem a little vague, but it’s written this way to provide outcome-based flexibility for SlugCrew members. Here are some examples and explanations of the rule’s meaning;

  • There must be some sort of post about the Event that an interested member of the public can discover without requiring a special invitation or login (ie they do not need to be a member of a closed Facebook or Discord group.)
  • A post in a private chat group containing a link to a Tabletopia or Zoom invitation is not sufficient.
  • If the SlugCrew Coordinator cannot follow the provided link without creating some kind of new account or receiving some kind of invitation credential, the solicitation is insufficient.
  • If a link to a solicitation/advertisement/announcement of your Event is not provided, your Event will not be Approved.
  • If an online convention has scheduled events, and you are not sure about whether your Event will have a public-facing and/or linkable solicitation/listing , provide the best URL link you can, and include the email for the appropriate organizer of that online convention.

Please gain all necessary permissions before posting your solicitation for an online Event. If it is brought to the SlugCrew Coordinator’s attention that permission was not sought and granted, the Event will not be Approved.

The SlugCrew Coordinator may reach out to SlugCrew members via email for clarification about their online Events, so that they can Approve them for points. If a SlugCrew member does not respond to this email within a week, the Event will be Denied.


Give the Date as normal.

Give the Location as “ONLINE”, with clarifications of the ‘venue’ or partner. Some correct examples follow;

  • ONLINE, on behalf of The Game Store
  • ONLINE, on behalf of LocalCon
  • ONLINE, on behalf of OnlineCon
  • ONLINE, on behalf of PublicGameClub
  • ONLINE, on behalf of Hometown Library

Give the Phone Number if your Event was run in partnership with a venue that has a phone number different from your own. The SlugCrew Coordinator may call this number to verify the Event. If you did not partner with a venue that has a phone number different from your own, feel free to enter ‘N/A’ or ‘Online’ at your discretion.

Remember that this needs to be a teaching game! There must be at least one first-time player in your Event for it to count towards SlugCrew points.

Use the Crew Comments section of your Event report to give information such as; the link to your Event’s solicitation/advertisement post, the software used, any local game store or organization you may have partnered with for the event, a relevant third party email (such as an events coordinator for an online convention), and so on.

If your online Event cannot be verified, it will not be Approved for points.

If your online Event does not have at least one first-time player, it will not be Approved for points.

If your online Event does not have some form of public solicitation for players, it may not be Approved for points.


If any SlugCrew member has questions about these policies, they may contact the SlugCrew Coordinator.

Last Updated: 4/20/2021

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