Red Dragon Inn Rules

Rules for The Red Dragon Inn

Fun SlugFact: Doctor Terci is a highly educated doctor of medicine! This doesn't mean they're any good at explaining that medicine to their patients, though...

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The Red Dragon Inn (PDF, 1.6 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 2 (PDF, 1.8 M)

The Red Dragon Inn 3 (PDF, 1.8 M)

RDI 3 Character Rules (PDF, 5.0 M) - includes rules for Wizgille, Kaylin, Phrenk and Serena

The Red Dragon Inn 4 (PDF, 2.1 M)

RDI 4 Extra Rules (PDF, 1.0 M) - includes rules for Remy and the Sea Event Deck

The Red Dragon Inn 5 (PDF, 1.8 M)

RDI 5 Character Rules (PDF, 1.1 M) - includes rules for Lizwick, Zakhan, Sera and Joran

The Red Dragon Inn 6 (PDF, 2.8 M) - includes rules for Amundyr, Torglesnarf, Vlazlo, Daareka, the Dungeon Event Deck and Team Variants

The Red Dragon Inn 7 (PDF, 4.0 M) - includes rules for Warthorn, Molly, Jasper, the Wench and the Prize Variant

The Red Dragon Inn 8 (PDF, 5.1 M) - includes rules for Phyll, Lucky, Farai, Samantha, Nerodia, Team Variants and the Pub Crawl Variant

The Red Dragon Inn 9 (PDF, 5.5 M) - includes rules for Dale, Jett, Terci, Petra, Ygella, Team Variants, Otto and the Prize Variant

Pooky (PDF, 1.8 M)

Erin the Ever-Changing (PDF, 2.0 M)

Cormac the Mighty (PDF, 1.1 M)

Witchdoctor Natyli (PDF, 2.0 M)

Ozrik the Adept (PDF, 802.5 K)

Brother Bastian (PDF, 692.7 K)

Halden the Unhinged (PDF, 1.1 M)

Wrench (PDF, 908.7 K)

Zariah the Summoner (PDF, 721.2 K)

Keet and Nitrel (PDF, 1.0 M)

Adonis vs. The Lich King (PDF, 897.8 K)

Spyke and Flower (PDF, 2.8 M) - includes rules for Otto

Ohava vs. Murgath (PDF, 802.8 K)

Piper vs. Ripsnarl (PDF, 787.6 K)

Evil Pooky (PDF, 1.5 M)

The RDI Smorgasbox (PDF, 1.2 M) - includes rules for Roxana and Otto

Gambling? I'm In! (PDF, 8.4 M) - includes rules for the playing the gambling subgames either separately or inside a game of RDI

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