The Red Dragon Inn 9

You and your heroic companions have celebrated, brawled, and spent your hard earned gold night after night at Greyport’s legendary tavern. But what of those daring souls who make their lives beneath the cobblestone roads that take you to The Red Dragon Inn? Let’s take a trip down below, and visit the Undercity!

The Red Dragon Inn 9 introduces four new characters, all hailing from the Undercity of Greyport, each with their own mechanics and distinctive RDI flair.

The Red Dragon Inn 9 is a standalone expansion that contains everything you need to play, and it can be combined with all other RDI releases, letting you mix up the characters (and the mayhem) for games with more than 4 players!

Dale the Mycologist

The Undercity is fertile ground for a budding mushroom farmer like Dale. An expert in both the edible and medicinal varieties of fungus, he supplies a cornucopia of fine goods. Dale is a genial, down-to-earth pixie who’s quick to fluster when folks do him a wrong turn – not uncommon when your crop is small and the big-folk just walk on through!

The Good: Dale’s work ethic and sense of fairness have made him outstanding in his field.

The Bad: If these consarned adventurers trample his crops one more time

Beastsergeant Ygella

When the Runoff Rangers, an elite band of subterranean peacekeepers, encounter a beastie that needs relocating, Ygella is on the job. With a kind word, years of experience (and the occasional spelunker snack) she helps the Undercity coexist with the wildlife beneath Greyport.

The Good: Ygella patrols the tunnels that connect the Undercity’s caverns and manages the creatures that are a part of cave life.

The Bad: Particularly the kind that don’t belong in the tavern!

Doctor Terci

Doctor Terci is a tireless…well, scratch that, they’re always tired… medical professional, who diligently serves the denizens of the Undercity. When you can’t make it up to the surface to get your healing (or you can’t pay in simple gold coin), Terci is ready to salve, stitch and splint. Plus, they observe strict doctor-patient confidentiality – no inconvenient questions asked!

The Good: Terci is happy to treat anyone who comes through their door.

The Bad: Unfortunately most of their patients operate on a barter system…

Jett the Courier

A daring athlete, Jett isn’t afraid of taking the most… creative… shortcuts through the tunnels (and restaurants, and laundry lines, and open windows…) of the Undercity. This gray blur of a Kobold hurtles through the air, package in hand, ready to thread the needle and stick the landing better than any other runner among the Courier’s Guilds.

The Good: Jett frequently tops the leaderboard.

The Bad: When he doesn’t bottom the landing.

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