Melvyn vs. Marah


Players: 2-6 (base game required)
Time: 30-60 Min
Ages: 13 and Up
MSRP: $24.95

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The Greyport Mages’ Collegium is the premiere school of magic in all the land. But what happens when one of its professors goes rogue? Well, then, it’s up to our heroes to stop her!

This new two-character expansion includes the friendly Collegium librarian, Melvyn, as well as the turncoat teacher of defensive magic, Marah!

Meet the Mages!

The most bizarre area of the Greyport Mages’ Collegium is the Arcane Archive – a vast extraplanar space storing all manner of powerful and dangerous items. The runemaster Melvyn has navigated the Archive for decades as its chief archivist, giving him plenty of experience with strange artifacts and arcane oddities!

The Good: He’ll show you convoluted artifacts that you don’t understand.
The Bad: Then he’ll beat you at convoluted games that you don’t understand.

As a long-time professor, Marah terrorized the most powerful graduates to come out of the Collegium with her harrowing assignments and barbed wit. After looting the Arcane Archive, she broke her ties with the Collegium and now torments her former students with baleful magic and enfeebling curses!

The Bad: Her malicious maledictions can be excruciating.
The Worse: After a tongue-lashing from her, though, you might just wish for the curses instead!

Visit a new Tavern!

This new tavern, recently opened to the public, is located on campus at the Greyport Mages’ Collegium. Now you too can get drunk with the wizards!

The Swozzled Sorcerer is designed to be played with the Pub Crawl Variant introduced in RDI 8. In that variant, instead of spending the entire night at the Red Dragon Inn, you hop around from one tavern to another, only returning to the RDI if you’ve literally closed down every other bar in town.


  • 40 Card Melvyn Character Deck
  • 12 Card Rune Deck
  • 40 Card Marah Character Deck
  • 15 Card Malediction Deck
  • 15 Card Marah Boss Deck
  • 5 Card Marah Boss Malediction Deck
  • 2 Prize Cards
  • Tavern Event Card
  • 6 Card Tavern Drink Deck
  • Fortitude and Alcohol Content Markers
  • Gold Coin Tokens
  • Player Mats
  • Deck Dividers compatible with The Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove
  • Rules

    Learn the Rules:

    Rules (PDF, 743.4 K)

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