RDI Basics

What is The Red Dragon Inn?

The long-running Red Dragon Inn series is the hilarious card game about what the adventurers do after the adventure. Each player takes the role of a different character at the party at the tavern as they drink, gamble and roughhouse with each other. The last standing during this evening of fun is the winner!

The Red Dragon Inn is a modular game with standalone base games and numerous expansions. As long as you have at least one of the base games you can mix and match characters from any of the RDI products, letting you build the party composition of your choice! Each of the box sets includes 4 unique characters, a drink deck, gold pieces, and all the parts for 2-4 players to play right out of the box. Each of the Allies expansions includes at least one character deck as well as gold pieces and bits so you can add another character to a box set (thus making a 2-4 player collection 2-5 players).

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