Where’s My Ride?

Where’s My Ride? is a cooperative game of deduction and miscommunication for 2-7 players. You and your friends are divided into a party of Riders and a single Driver, trying to meet up for a ride-share. There’s a big problem though! The app is bugging out bigtime; it’s not sharing rider or Driver locations, and the messaging features have gone haywire. Riders will use a deck of quirky, autofilled text messages to ask the Driver where they are parked. Unfortunately, the Driver can only react to the messages with emojis! Will you find your Driver before the app cancels the ride and gives everyone a dreaded 1-out-of-5 star rating!?!

The Driver will be parked at one of 9 random locations at the start of the game. They first draw 1 card from the Location Deck and memorize it. Then they draw 8 more cards, shuffle them with the true location card, and spread them out on the table for the Riders to see.

Each Round, the Riders will play 2 text message cards to try and narrow down which location the Driver is at. Only two of the Riders will be texting at a time, and both of them are fighting with the app’s autofill! Each one draws 2 cards from the Texting Deck and must silently choose 1 text card to play for the round. Once chosen, both texts are revealed to the Driver, and then things get even buggier.

The Driver must decide how to use the texts to suggest their actual location. The problem is that they can only communicate with emojis! The Driver must silently react to at least one of the text messages with at least one of their 5 emojis, hopefully guiding the Riders to their location, or away from the wrong one! After they’ve finished reacting, they draw back to a hand of 5 emojis cleverly concealed behind their Driver Screen.

The Riders talk amongst themselves, trying to figure out how to interpret the response from the Driver. Riders can either continue texting the Driver to try and get more clues, or commit to going to one of the locations on the table. If they commit to a location, the Driver confirms whether or not the Riders found them.

The app has you all on a timer! Each turn, the Riders will decide whether or not the Driver has been able to communicate where they are parked. If the Riders decide to keep texting, then one app Rating Tile is revealed. If they instead incorrectly guess the Driver’s location they’ll draw two tiles! If any of the revealed tiles are broken stars, then the app has made you all lose a star from your rating! If you reveal the fourth broken star tile, then the app cancels the ride and both the Riders and Driver get branded with the dreaded 1-out-of-5 star rating!

Now that you have the basic gist of the game, here’s your chance to give it a try! You can find the game available on the Steam Workshop as a mod for Tabletop Simulator, a virtual tabletop available on Steam! You can also join our Discord community to find players.

Review the rules here, as well! (PDF, 733.4 K)

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