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Keet’s Corner Part 2: Look and Feel

Expressing characters through art is the topic of today’s design blog!

Gen Con 2015 is Going to be Awesome!

Join us at Gen Con for demos and more!

Keet Design Blog Part 1: Designing an Adventurer

Take a peak behind the curtain at how we are bringing the newest character to The Red Dragon Inn up to speed!

How to Play Wrench

The gizmos go marching one by one hurrah!

How to Play Halden the Unhinged

It’s time to get your freaky creepy on with Halden the Unhinged!

How to Play Zariah the Summoner

Can you master the art of summoning and form the mighty Chimera?

Season 3 SlugCrew Rewards!

Season 3 of the SlugCrew Rewards are just around the corner! Check them out now!

The Audition

Fleck proves himself to our heroes in this story!

Eve the Illusionist

Find out how Eve first crossed paths with The Party!

Serena, Aspirant Paladin

Read more to learn about Serena’s first mission outside of the temple!