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Prize Cards Join The Red Dragon Inn!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new, exciting way to spice up your game of The Red Dragon Inn: the Prize Variant. The Prize Variant is a new way to amp up a Round of Gambling by adding some serious stakes to pot (as if losing all your gold wasn’t important enough!). Each of

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Announcing the Gambling, I’m In Game Design Contest!

Dust off your Rogues and Warriors deck! We want your designs!

Murgath the Blessed now available to SlugCrew!

Run events to earn a prerelease version of a new RDI character!

Look over there! It’s the Lich King!

The mysterious Lich King has finally taken a break from his eldritch studies for a pint of ale at the tavern.

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains – Now Available!

Grab your copy of RDI 6 today!

Bastian Wins the 2017 Doppelganger Tournament!

Read on for more details on what happened at this year’s Doppelganger Tournament!

The Magnificent Adonis Joins the Party!

The Magnificent Adonis is ready to play you a song, or smash a drum over your head! Really you’ve got even odds either way.

SlugFest Games at Gen Con 50!

RDI6 Available (while supplies last), event tickets running out and don’t miss our new convention promo!

Battle for Greyport Store Events are Live!

Play a new scenario variant and get cool new monsters and items for Battle for Greyport

Pooky joins Level 99 Games’ EXCEED Fighting System!

Pooky joins EXCEED Season 2 on Kickstarter!