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Kung Fu Fighting Kickstarter Cancelled

Hey SlugFans!

Kung Fu Fighting by SlugFest Games is ready to battle!

SlugFest Games is proud to announce that our third Kickstarter campaign for our new stand-alone title Kung Fu Fighting is live! You can follow the action right now on Kickstarter.

Announcing SlugCrew Rewards for 2014!

Learn about the new promo drinks, plus a new RDI Ally!

The Outside World

Ever wondered how a pixie could get into adventuring? Read on…

Dimli the Dwarf

Why is Dimli just “the Dwarf”, and not something more noble? Find out in our next character history!


The Party visits Copperforge and learns about Wizgille’s history.

Deirdre the Priestess

Find out what makes Deirdre the Priestess tick in the next character history!

Zot and Pooky

Zot the Wizard and his familiar Pooky are the brains of The Party. Find out how the two met!

Swearing in Dwarven

As we begin revealing the histories behind the Red Dragon Inn characters, we found it fun to just do a bit of fiction to help work out how they interact with one another out in the dungeon.

Dimli Wins Doppelganger Tournament 2013!

Congratulations to the winner of the 2013 RDI Doppelganger tournament!