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Ending Your Turn for Fun and Profit!

Published on October 12, 2012 by in RulesFest

Hi there, everyone!  I’m writing this blog post to make sure everyone understands a mechanic that was added relatively recently to The Red Dragon Inn: ending your turn via a card effect.

There are currently three cards that can do this: Kaylin’s “I need some Private Pixie Time”, Wizgille’s gear card “Uh oh! I’d better fix that right now,” and Erin’s Tree form.

Private Pixie TimeBetter Fix ThatTree Form

So, what does it mean to end your turn?  Well, Erin’s rules summarize this idea nicely.  When your turn ends at a time when it normally wouldn’t:

  • Players may not play any more cards this turn.
  • Any cards that have been played but have not yet resolved are discarded and do not take effect.
  • The current Phase ends and all future Phases in your turn are skipped.  (This means you can skip drinking if you end your turn before your Drink Phase!)
  • If a Round of Gambling is underway, the anted Gold goes to the Inn.

That second bullet is worth discussing further.  It basically means that ending your turn at an opportune time can cancel one or more other cards.  Here’s an example: Erin reveals Wine as her drink for the turn.  Gerki spikes it with “Slip a mickey”, then in response, just to twist the dagger a bit, Fiona plays “Tip the Wench” on Erin.  Erin plays “Wildshape” and turns into a tree.  This ends her turn, which makes all the other cards go away!  Pretty handy, right?

Here’s an important thing to remember, though: any card, even one that would end the turn, can be responded to before it resolves!  This can cause the turn to continue, since the effect that would end the turn never happens.

Example 1: Kaylin plays “I need some Private Pixie Time” to attempt to end her turn.  In response, Wizgille plays “I didn’t activate my temporal dilation field. It’s just deja vu,” and reveals “Wow! That actually did what I expected it to.” as her gear (so it resolves normally).  Since Wizgille’s card Negates Kaylin’s card, Kaylin’s turn does not end.

Example 2: Wizgille reveals Elven Wine with a chaser of Dragon’s Breath Ale as her drink for the turn.  Since this would knock her out, she plays “This device can turn alcohol into gold! Watch!” to attempt to Ignore the drink and gain 3 gold.  For her gear, she reveals “Uh oh! I’d better fix that right now.”  She’s still pretty happy with this outcome, since her drink will just go away.  However, in response to her geared-up “alcohol into gold,” Dimli plays “I don’t think so!”  Since a device card and its associated gear card count as one big card effect, Dimli’s “I don’t think so!” Negates the entire thing–including the part that would end Wizgille’s turn!  Wizgille will have to take her drink normally and will pass out if she doesn’t have some other way to deal with it.

So, that’s how this recent new mechanic works.  I hope this post was helpful for you all. Remember, ending your turn can be a very powerful and useful effect if you can time it properly, but a card that ends your turn can potentially be Negated just like any other.

Until next time, SlugFest Rules!



4 Responses

  1. The Borgified Corpse

    Makes sense. Although, in your example about Erin turning into a Tree in order to negate “Tip the wench,” I don’t think that’s how I would resolve it in a game that I’m running. I tend to view Anytime cards in sort of a separate way from other cards. So, in the scenario you posited, Erin turning into a Tree would negate both her drink and Gerki’s Mickey. But I would view the “Tip the Wench” as a separate issue that would resolve either before or after Erin resolves the drink, her choice. So, if Erin wanted to play “Have this trinket instead” (which would turn her into a Raven) to avoid tipping the wench, she could either do that before turning into a Tree and negating her drink or afterwards. (If she waited until afterwards, she would, of course, turn from a Tree into a Raven.) Since “Tip the Wench” is an Anytime card not tied to any specific phase that Erin is in, I would not say that it goes away simply because that phase of her turn was interrupted.

    • admin

      I agree that the example is a bit contrived. Since an experienced player would know to wait until after “Slip a mickey” resolved to play “Tip the Wench”, I would probably agree with you in a casual game (which is pretty much all games of RDI).

      The point of my example was to point out that if the Fiona player really did want to play “Tip the Wench” before “Slip a mickey” resolves, then Erin Wildshaping to Tree would function as described.


  2. TheBorgifiedCorpse

    I recently came across another issue involving Wizgille’s turn-ending Gear Card. Typically, right before my turn “officially” begins, I use all my Anytime cards so I can draw more cards when my turn starts. This time, I got Wizgille’s Gear Card while doing that. Would that mean my turn is already over before I even got to draw, or does the “current player’s turn” apply to the previous player’s turn that just ended.

    • admin

      In this situation, it simply comes down to player choice. Were you playing your anytime cards at the end of the previous player’s turn? Then “Uh oh…” fires, you start your turn, and then play normally. If you were playing your anytime cards at the start of your turn, then when “Uh oh…” flips, your turn would end immediately.

      So, to play it safe, always make sure that it is clear you are playing your cards at the end of the previous player’s turn, and you should be good to go!

      – Sam

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