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Drawing Kobolds

Wrench is a scrappy little fellow with scrappy little buddies. Come see some of the behind the scenes production work we do for our Red Dragon Inn characters.

Eve wins the 2014 Doppelgänger Tournament!

In a heroic bout between veteran heroes, our Illusionist Eve comes out on top!

Announcing the Red Dragon Inn Character Design Contest!

Ever wanted to design an RDI character? Now’s your chance!

Bryn the Boatswain

Meet the towering Bryn, boatswain to the Crimson Drake!

Elizabeth Whitehawk

How did a Elizabeth Whitehawk become the captain of the Crimson Drake?

Fiona the Volatile

From mousy street urchin to daring warrior extraordinaire!

Gerki the Sneak

Nothing excited Gerki more than acquiring hard-to-get things, especially if they belonged to someone else…

Gencon Events Are Live!

Events are live! Register Now!

Red Dragon Inn Tournament at Kublacon!

SlugFest Games has a blast helping host an awesome tournament at KublaCon

Playing Brother Bastian

Hey SlugFans! SlugFest games is proud to announce our second Red Dragon Inn: Allies character for 2014: Brother Bastian.