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Serena, Aspirant Paladin

Read more to learn about Serena’s first mission outside of the temple!

Erin the Ever-Changing

Learn how our heroes met Erin!

The Winner of the 2014 Red Dragon Inn Character Design Contest!

After weeks of drinking contests, piles of gold lost to the inn and more than a few bloody knuckles, SlugFest Games is proud to announce the winner of the 2014 Red Dragon Inn Character Design Contest!

Meet Tara

A blind navigator? What could possibly go wrong?

One Month left for the RDI Design Contest!

Entries are due December 31st!

Promo Drinks for Fun and Profit!

Learn about all of the RDI promo drinks!

Announcing the RDI Organized Play Program!

Come out and play at your FLGS to earn fantastic prizes!

SlugFest Games wants your opinions!

We want to know what you think!

Gog the Half-Ogre

The lovable brute Gog was always fighting the good fight. Find out how he got recruited to The Party!

Cormac the Mighty

Meet the noble barbarian prince with a bone to pick!