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Gog the Half-Ogre

The lovable brute Gog was always fighting the good fight. Find out how he got recruited to The Party!

Cormac the Mighty

Meet the noble barbarian prince with a bone to pick!

New Drinks for the Guide to Inns and Taverns

More drinks for your tavern!

First Mate Remy

The mysterious Drence firstmate of the Crimson Drake is an honor-bound swashbuckler. He has a few things to teach you, so long as you don’t get out of line!

Witchdoctor Natyli

When a troll girl has a talent for bewitching folks, you know she’ll be a trouble maker!

New Allies in Store Now!

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies Brother Bastian and Ozrik the Adept are now available at your favorite retailer. Now is your chance to add these new player characters to your favorite copy of The Red Dragon Inn!

Phrenk the Troll Alchemist

What is a troll who doesn’t act like a troll?

Heroes’ Plunder for Gambling? I’m In!

Introducing a brand new game for The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I’m in!

Official Press Release for Brother Bastian and Ozrik the Adept

SlugFest Games is proud to announce the official release of RDI:A – Ozrik the Adept and RDI:A – Brother Bastian. Be sure to check with your friendly local game store, as they will both be available in a few weeks.