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Organized Play Season 3 is Live!

Organized Play Season 3 is here, and the swag is even more awesome than ever before!

The Battle for Greyport

Another great short story by SFG founder Geoff Bottone!

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains Kickstarter Launch!

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains Kickstarter is live!

Vote on the Wicked Wench for RDI6!

Vote on which of our four Wicked Wenches will be serving up drinks in RDI6!

SlugCrew Update: Adonis and Battle for Greyport

Earn double points through January for Battle for Greyport demos!

Presenting The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages!

Read on for information about the new Red Dragon Inn character, now available only to SlugCrew!

What’s the “Order a Drink” Phase?

Learn about the updated wording used in some newer RDI decks!

Keet and Nitrel Now Available!

The new allies are here!

Fleck wins the 2016 Doppelganger Tournament!

What happened at this year’s Gen Con RDI Doppelganger Tournament? Read on to find out!

Gen Con Promo Card

Presenting our Gen Con 2016 promo card!