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First SlugCrew rewards sent out!

We sent out rewards to the first five SlugCrew members today!

SlugCrew-Exclusive Drink Cards!

Jeff spoils the first of the SlugCrew Rewards!

Introducing the SlugCrew Rewards Program!

Find out how to earn a copy of a SlugCrew-exclusive RDI character!

RulesFest: Templating and Why it’s Useful

Hey, SlugFans! I’d like to talk a bit about how we template our cards and why it matters.  I’ll also talk about an important example from The Red Dragon Inn.

What Happened to The Red Dragon Inn?

If you tried to purchase The Red Dragon Inn or The Red Dragon Inn 3 in the last few months you may have been pretty disappointed.

New Gambling? I’m In! Proofs!

Check out the new layout for Gambling? I’m In!

Ending Your Turn for Fun and Profit!

Hi there, everyone!  I’m writing this blog post to make sure everyone understands a mechanic that was added relatively recently to The Red Dragon Inn: ending your turn via a card effect.

RDI1 and RDI3 have Cleared US Customs!

The Red Dragon Inn 1 and The Red Dragon Inn 3 shipment has just cleared US customs and is on it’s way to our warehouse this week!

Update #9 – Last Day!

It’s the final countdown! It has been a rush and a learning experience seeing this campaign move and grow. We are extremely happy with how it kept going, and really got to see it rock!

RulesFest: Stop Playing With the Drinks!

Jeff talks about a common misconception in RDI.