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RulesFest: Stop Playing With the Drinks!

Jeff talks about a common misconception in RDI.

Update #6 – (Almost) 90% of the Way There!

We are 10% away from funding the project!

Update #4 – A Change of Scale

The Book is Getting Bigger!

Red Dragon Inn Cosplay!

We’ve got our Red Dragon Swagger!

Doppelganger Tournament at Gen Con

See who won this year’s Doppelganger Tournament at Gen Con!

Red Dragon Inn 2 on The Gaming Gang

Red Dragon Inn 2 was up for review by The Gaming Gang on Episode 45 of their podcast! You can check out their review for the game here.

Welcome to Gen Con!

Setting up booth #2119.

So What Happened to the RDI 1 and 3 Restock?

Bad news everyone!

Deluxe RDI Boards!

We are happy to to say that one of our friends and former SlugCrew will be laser cutting brand new deluxe RDI Boards! Barry has been a huge help in advising us on our own Kickstarter, and it only seems fit to let him tell you about his own awesome project!

The Kickstarter is Live!

It’s official,┬áThe Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns and Taverns is live on Kickstarter and you can check it out here!