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The Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport

Greyport is nestled between ocean to the east and imposing, nearly impassible mountains to the west. The city is on the only pass through the treacherous mountain range, and is the port of call for all traders north and south on the coast (including the illustrious Crimson Drake). Perhaps most important of all, Greyport is home to The Red Dragon Inn.

You and your adventuring companions are headed to the tavern to celebrate your recent exploits when a loud commotion in the distance catches your attention. Suddenly, alarm bells sound out all over the city, and the captain of the guard comes running up to you screaming:


So, being the heroes that you are, you do the only thing sensible in such a situation. Rally the townsfolk, grab whatever gear is on hand and wade into the…


The Battle for Greyport is the game of the adventurers after the adventure but before the pints. Maybe the big bad guy’s underlings are seeking revenge, or maybe an even bigger bad guy is coming over to show the city who’s the new boss in town. Whoever they are, you and your comrades in arms must fight them off before they burn down the city… and the tavern!

Spoilers1 Spoilers2 Spoilers3

This brand new cooperative deckbuilding game takes place in The Red Dragon Inn universe, but is not part of the tavern brawling game we all know and love. Once again you will be taking on the role of a familiar character from the RDI universe but this time you’ll be playing a whole new game! Players will recruit a deck of Greyport’s Heroes and Items and lead them into battle with their own unique Character Cards. Each encounter brings you to a new location in the city, and closer to the final battle. Will you and your friends save the day (yet again) or will the city burn?

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RulesFest: Gambling 102

Published on January 15, 2016 by in RulesFest

Last time on RulesFest we talked about the basic mechanics and game theory of playing and winning a Round of Gambling at the Red Dragon Inn. Today we’re going to cover many of the corner cases that throw a wrench into the game.



Many of the cheaters in The Red Dragon Inn have a special Cheating Card called “What’s that up your sleeve?”. This powerful card not only gives you control of the Round of Gambling, but it also forces another player out of the Round.

There are three major uses for this card:

    1. Eliminating the Competition: If you are in a Round of Gambling against another very strong Gambler, using this card to kick them out of the Round will significantly increase your chances of taking all of that sweet Gold for yourself!
    2. Winning the “Game after the Game”: Another great way to use this card is to kick out the player who needs the Gold most! Characters who are strong with Gold frequently find themselves in positions where it really isn’t important whether or not they win a Round of Gambling. Rather, it’s more important that one specific player doesn’t win the Round (like the fighter with only 2 Gold left). Kicking that player out of the Round guarantees that they don’t get that Gold they so desperately need!
    3. Auto-Winning a Head-to-Head Round: If you find yourself playing against only one other player, playing this card against them almost guarantees that you win!

There are a handful of other characters that have Gambling and Cheating cards similar to “What’s that up your sleeve?”. For example, Erin has a special non-Cheating variant of the card (“It’s not wise to upset a Druid…”) and Pooky has a version that allows the targeted player to pay a blood tax to stay in (Pooky won’t give up without a fight.)

Strategically taking advantage of this kind of card may not just win you a pile of Gold, but also set up one of the other players for elimination!



With all of the advantages that cheating characters have, you’d think that the deck would be stacked against non-cheaters. However, almost all of the non-cheaters are equipped with a magic bullet of their own to help deal with runaway Rounds of Gambling. These special Sometimes Cards are played in response to another player playing a Cheating Card, and can win you the Round of Gambling right then and there!

These “catch a cheater” cards are very powerful when they are played at the right time, and can save you from disaster and completely flip the game on its head! They can’t protect you forever, though, and can also be negated by “I don’t think so!” cards. Plus, they come with the drawback of being VERY situational, which means you are sacrificing a spot in your hand to deal with something that may never come up! Do you keep it to protect yourself, or discard it so you can draw more Fortitude loss Action Cards? Making the right call at the right time can define the game!



The card to the left is perhaps the most spiteful card in the game, and one of the ones that gets misplayed most frequently. “Oh, I guess the Wench thought that was her tip…” is the ultimate “Back at you!” response to getting kicked out of the Round, or your opponent playing an unexpected Winning Hand! that you can’t beat. This card abruptly ends the Round and gives all of the Gold to the Inn. This is one of the best ways to beat your opponents on Gold, as it completely eliminates a LOT of Gold from the game in one fell swoop.

However, this card isn’t the end-all be-all and has VERY important restrictions (listed on the card in more recent editions of the RDI games):

You may not play this card if the Round has already ended. You may not play it in response to a card that would make players ante or would end the Round when it resolves.

Some specific examples of how “Wench thought…” is used and misused:

    • You may not play this card in response to Gerki playing “Um… I know you think you won, but…” because that card will end the Round when it resolves.
    • You may play this card in response to Dimli playing “Best two out of three?” because the Round is not over yet, just restarting.
    • You may not play this card in response to someone starting a Round of Gambling with ”Gambling? I’m in!” or forcing more Gold into the pot with “I raise!”. You have to wait until each player has finished paying the ante or getting out of the Round first. You can’t use this card to get out of paying!
    • You may play this card in response to someone forcing you out of the Round, even if only two of you are left in the round (and therefore the Round would end if you leave).
    • You may not play this card in response to another player playing one of the “catch a cheater” cards. Those cards always end the Round. Besides, the Wench is smart enough to avoid a table with adventurers shouting and swinging their swords.
    • You may not play this card after the last player passes. As soon as that player passes, the Round ends and the last player who played a Gambling or Cheating Card wins! No fair playing this card as the winner is reaching for the pot!

All that being said, this is a favorite card for characters who get an early Gold lead and don’t necessarily need to win Rounds of Gambling anymore. Remember: at a certain point, you really don’t need more Gold. You just need your opponents to have less of it!



Character-specific Gambling, Cheating and Sometimes Cards define who’s really good at gambling, and who’s just an amateur. Cards like Gerki’s “Um… I know you think you won, but…” which guarantees you the win and Dimli’s “Best two out of three?” which lets him restart the Round (usually after he did nothing the previous Round!) make stripping these players of their Gold almost impossible. There are too many character-specific cards to go into here, but one of the upcoming characters joining the party later this year is all about having a brand new approach to Gambling:



Keet changes the way players approach gambling in one very interesting way. Instead of Gold, Keet pays for things with powerful Artifact Cards! At the start of the game, Keet is dealt 10 random Artifact Cards face down, and will be revealing them one by one whenever his cards let him finish his research. Many of these Artifacts are good for the adventurer, giving them a unique bonus or special power, but others can be very bad. Worst of all, Keet will probably just ante with face-down Artifacts – after peeking, of course! It will be up to the other players to decide if taking a Cursed Idol of Doom is worth winning the Round of Gambling, or if Keet will be successful in scaring players out of the Round with his most dangerous Artifacts.

Keet is available now as the SlugCrew Major Reward and you can find out how to earn him here.

That wraps up this week! Armed with all of this knowledge, maybe it’s time to try out one of these Gambling-centric characters. Just make sure you don’t win too much, or you may end up getting dogpiled by all of your less “fortunate” friends!


RulesFest: Gambling 101

Published on December 21, 2015 by in RulesFest


While Gambling at The Red Dragon Inn is never a sure bet, it certainly is a ton of fun! Today we’re going to talk about a couple of little things players frequently overlook (and maybe a little strategy) in Gerki’s favorite part of the game! Let’s start off with a quick overview of how a Round of Gambling works:

  • First, a player must play “Gambling? I’m in!” to start a Round of Gambling. (Note that a few cards can start a Round of Gambling in other ways!)
  • Next, each player antes 1 Gold to the middle of the table. This collection of Gold is what the winner earns!
  • After that, players have the opportunity, in turn order, to take control of the Round of Gambling by playing Gambling or Cheating cards.
  • If no player plays a new Gambling or Cheating card, then the last player to do so wins all the anted Gold!

There are four basic varieties of Gambling and Cheating cards used in a Round of Gambling:

GII101.1.02 “Gambling? I’m in!”Not only does “Gambling? I’m in!” start a Round of Gambling, but it can also take control of the Round.
GII101.1.03 “I raise!”“I raise!” is a great way to get more Gold out of your opponents. Be careful though, because you have to ante again as well. Many a hero has unintentionally eliminated themselves because they raised with the last of their Gold on what they thought was a sure thing!
GII101.1.04 Winning Hand!The strongest card available during a Round of Gambling, “Winning Hand!” can nearly guarantee that you walk off with a pile of Gold. “Winning Hand!” is not a sure thing though. Some of the more roguish or magical characters have access to special Cheating cards.
GII101.1.05 Cheating CardsCheating cards beat all other Gambling cards, even “Winning Hand!”. They are how some of the characters make their own luck. However, Cheating cards are also beat by any other Gambling and Cheating cards.


Gambling is not voluntary! If someone starts a Round of Gambling then everyone is obligated to participate unless they have a good excuse. There’s a lot of peer pressure at the tavern! After all, if you can slay a dragon, you can stand to lose a few gold.

This is where Sometimes cards come into play. Many characters come up with inventive ways to get out of a game of chance, especially when they don’t have many Gambling or Cheating cards in their hand. However, if you do have a bunch of Gambling and Cheating cards…


When it’s your turn in a Round of Gambling you are not obligated to play a Gambling or Cheating card! This is where the strategy of the game is. Electing to pass when it’s your turn does not mean that you are out, folded, quit, etcetera! In fact, the only time you should feel obligated to play a Gambling or Cheating card is if the player immediately after you will win, or if you don’t think anyone between you and the player who is going to win will play one.

Gambling cards are a rare resource, and you need to make sure you carefully spend them so you have cards left over when someone else plays one after you. Bluffing and strategic planning can win you large piles of Gold with only a single card!

Gambling Example:

     On his turn, Gerki plays “Gambling? I’m in!” to start a Round of Gambling. Deirdre plays “Sorry, I have to pray…” to leave the Round of Gambling. She does not have to ante, but she cannot play any Gambling or Cheating Cards for the rest of this Round.
     Gerki, Fiona and Zot each ante one Gold. Since Gerki started the Round, he’s winning (in control).
     Fiona goes next. She passes.
     Zot plays “I raise!” a Gambling Card that forces all players in the Round to ante an additional Gold. Gerki, Fiona and Zot each ante one more Gold (bringing the pot to six Gold). The “I raise!” card also puts Zot in control of the Round of Gambling, so he is now winning.
     Gerki plays “Winning Hand!” This is a special Gambling Card that can only be beaten by Cheating Cards. Gerki is now winning.
     Fiona goes next. She passes again.
     Zot plays “Look over there! It’s the Lich King!” – a Cheating Card. Zot is now winning.
     Gerki plays “Gambling? I’m In!” In addition to starting a Round of Gambling, “Gambling? I’m in!” can be used during a Round to take control. Gerki is now winning.
     It’s Fiona’s turn again and yet she still passes. In fact, she watches as Zot and Gerki continue fighting over control.
     Eventually, in an act of desperation, Zot plays “I raise!” which also happens to be the last card in his hand. Gerki, Fiona and Zot each ante one more Gold (bringing the pot to nine Gold). Zot takes control and is now winning.
     Gerki goes next. For the first time in the Round of Gambling, Gerki passes.
     Once again, it’s Fiona’s turn. She looks at Gerki, who only has a single card left in his hand. She plays “Winning Hand!” the only Gambling Card she had this whole time.
     Zot passes since he has no cards. Gerki passes because he has no Cheating Cards. Fiona wins the nine Gold in the pot and brags about how she only had to play one Card!

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for our next part, where we will cover special sometimes cards that can really throw a wrench into the works!


Season 2 of Organized Play is Here!

Published on December 8, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Hey SlugFans!

A little over a year ago we launched a little experiment. Back in November of 2014 we started Red Dragon Inn Organized Play (OP) by offering brick and mortar game stores the opportunity to sign up for Red Dragon Inn prize kits. We were surprised and thrilled by the response, and are excited to announce that December 2015 marks the launch of Season 2 of our OP Program!


Organized Play is your opportunity to prove that you’re a tavern brawling expert in Red Dragon Inn Tournaments! These tournaments are hosted by Tournament Organizers at your local game store, giving fans of RDI a friendly place to compete for fabulous prizes.

Last year we launched OP with a Tournament Kit that featured two brand new promo drink cards that could support up to four tournaments. We got a lot of feedback about how the cards were cool, but getting together four times for the same prizes was not so groovy. After much deliberation we have altered the kit to provide an exceptional pile of goodies for two tournaments.

This Season, OP Kits will support two tournaments with more prizes than ever before. Each kit will include:

  • 40 copies of the Participation Promo Hair of the Dwarf (20 for each tournament)
  • 6 copies of the Premium Promo Whitehawk’s Private Reserve (3 for each tournament)
  • 2 Season 2 Winner Pins awarded to the champion of each tournament
  • 1 set of 6 Gambling Marker Cards as a Wild Card Prize
  • 1 pair of metal Fortitude and Alcohol Content Markers as a Wild Card Prize

That’s a lot of awesome swag to win!

If you missed out on OP last season, don’t worry! Individual Season 1 “catch-up packs” containing Deirdre’s Detoxifying Draught and Compulsive Gambler’s Grog are now available as add ons to Season 2 Kit orders for just $5.00! Limit of one Season 1 “catch-up pack” per Season 2 Kit.


Are you excited about all this cool stuff? Then reach out to your Friendly Local Game Store and let them know you want Organized Play! There is currently no other way to get these sweet promo cards or the Season 2 Winner Pin. Your FLGS can order the kit through our website here.

We are also excited to hear about your experience. So make sure you bring your friends, have a good time and share it.


OP Kits are for you to promote your store and our games. We want you to be successful because you are responsible for the bulk of our income! Keep up the good work and share an exciting program with your customers.

Each kit comes with enough material for two events. We tried our best to price them economically and want all the feedback you can give us about the kits and the program. You can send feedback to us at:


We are going to need you for Season 2 as well! Storefronts will need dedicated RDI fans to run these events. Organized Play will offer you a chance to earn points toward your SlugCrew Rewards, as well as the opportunity to earn these new promos! We will be relying on the feedback of tournament organizers like you to continue improving the program. When you submit event reports, feel free to include any feedback you might have for us!

You can get all of the documentation ahead of time on the Organized Play Page of our website. Brief yourselves on the rules and regulations, and then get out there and let your FLGS know you want to run events!



We reached out to tournament organizers and attendees for their feedback on Season 1 to guide us in creating this season’s kits, and we know that Season 2 will be huge! With all the new premium rewards stuffed into the kits, make sure to contact your Friendly Local Game Store and get them to sign up for events on the Organized Play Page.

Place Your Orders by Dec. 16th!

Published on December 4, 2015 by in Uncategorized


Hey SlugFans!

What’s big, jolly and red?  Red Dragon Inn 5; The Character Trove!  What?  Your answer was Santa?  Uh..ours, too!

We have quite a few new and shiny things to offer through our online store this holiday season; like the storage behemoth that is Red Dragon Inn 5! We also have three new Allies ready to join your party with Halden the Unhinged, Zariah the Summoner and Wrench the Kobold Artificer. Or, if you are looking for some RDI swag, check out our amazing new 5-player coin and token set and full-sized posters of the entire party in our new Merch Store! Please take a look – you might finish off your Christmas list, or find something for yourself.

The last day to order with us directly and get your items shipped in time for December 25th is Wednesday the 16th!

After that deadline our personal customer service elf will still be getting your items packed and in the mail, but the processing and shipping time means your order will arrive after Christmas.  So please put in your orders soon if you’re hoping to score some SlugFest Gifts!

We hope all of you have a very Happy Holidays, full of good food and fun games with friends and family.

RulesFest: The Second Rule of Sometimes

In today’s Rulesfest we talk about the Second Rule of Sometimes: Whenever something happens, you can respond with as many cards as you like!

Last week we talked about the First Rule of Sometimes, reminding you that cards don’t have any affect on you unless you must physically move your bits when they resolve. This week we want to cover what happens when cards do affect you, using the Second Rule of Sometimes: You may play any number of Sometimes cards that respond to the same game event.

What the heck does that mean? On to the examples!


Zot Player: Oh no! “Pooky’s on a Drunken Rampage!”
Fiona Player: Well… I can’t prevent the Fortitude loss. But you should know, Zot, I “Instinctively aim for the head!”… twice!

The heroes of the Red Dragon Inn are definitely brawlers, proof positive being the number of “hit-back” cards there are in their character decks! While most characters have at least one, a number of them, particularly the fighter-types, are sporting two (or more, in Bryn’s case). So here, our Fiona player is playing out both of her hit-back cards in response to Zot’s one Action card.

Now, most players, even the brand new ones, are eager to effectively play out their cards in this situation – after all – everyone loves beating up their buddies! However, there are some other very exciting things you can do.


Fleck: Tough luck, Dimli. Looks like you have a good drink there!
Dimli: That’s okay, “Now this stuff is actually good! Try some!”
Fleck: Uh… It didn’t look that good…
Dimli: You know, you’re right. “You have this. I’m waiting for the good stuff!”

A 7 Alcohol Content drinks is pretty scary, unless of course you are Dimli! A crafty dwarf knows how to hand out some killer brews to his companions, and there’s no better way to do it than by using his best drink avoidance cards: “Now this stuff is actually good! Try some!” and “You have this. I’m waiting for the good stuff!”. Did you know you could combine the effects to cause some really scary results?

In this scenario, Dimli plays “Now this stuff is actually good! Try some!” first to split the drink in two, creating two 4 Alcohol Content drinks (because half of 7 rounds up to 4 and 4). When Dimli follows that up with “You have this. I’m waiting for the good stuff!” to pass his half of the drink to another player (or the same one!). And thus, through the magic of Sometimes cards, Dimli avoids taking 7 Alcohol Content and gets to cause other players to gain up to 8 Alcohol Content! Now, if Dimli wanted to get REAL rude, he could then start spiking these drinks with some Firewater!


Gog: Gog think “This taste yucky!”
Joran: I don’t know Gog, “Are you sure?”
Gog: Gog still think “This taste yucky!”

Another important thing to remember is that you don’t have to play all of your Sometimes cards in response to a game event all at once. You can technically play all of your Ignore cards at the same time, but you usually only need one since Ignoring something you are already Ignoring is kinda unnecessary. However, if your first card is Negated, there’s no reason for you to not play another!

After all things are said and done, you need to know one thing: each Sometimes card defines when you can play it, but that isn’t a one-chance window. If you play a Sometimes card and it gets Negated, you’re still have the opportunity to play something else until the game progresses.

Speaking of progressing, we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a blast playing Red Dragon Inn now that you are armed with a bit more knowledge about the rules!


RulesFest: The First Rule of Sometimes

Published on November 8, 2015 by in RulesFest

In today’s Rulesfest we talk about the First Rule of Sometimes: If you don’t move a bit when a card resolves, then that card doesn’t affect your Fortitude, Alcohol Content or Gold.

One of the most frequent mistakes we come across when demoing The Red Dragon Inn to newcomers is the following interation:

Zot Player: Huzzah! I got a Holy Water!
Deirdre Player: Let me help you with that. I play “Water into Wine” and add 2 Alcohol Content to your Holy Water.
Zot Player: I play “The stars say, ‘No!’ “ to ignore your card!
(Awkward silence…)
Deirdre Player: You can’t do that.
Zot Player: Why not?

There are many different cards that create very similar scenarios in the game. Today we are going to discuss the First Rule of Sometimes: If you don’t move a bit when a card resolves, then that card doesn’t affect your Fortitude, Alcohol Content or Gold.

Let’s take a look at the cards from our first example:


As you can see, Holy Water is pretty awesome. It heals your Fortitude and doesn’t come with any Alcohol Content, so of course Zot wants to prevent bad stuff from happening to his safe drink. The problem is that Deirdre’s card “Water into Wine” doesn’t actually affect Zot’s Alcohol Content. “Water into Wine” affects Drink Cards, and must be negated with more powerful cards like “I don’t think so!” or “The Wench thinks you should stop playing with the drinks.”

However, you might be saying: “But Deirdre’s card will cause me to gain Alcohol Content if I don’t stop it!” While that is true, we only have to look back to the First Rule to understand what’s going on. Ask yourself: “At the moment when Deirdre’s card resolves, will Zot’s Alcohol Content change?” If the answer is “No” then the card does not affect Zot’s Alcohol Content. In this case, when Deirdre’s card resolves it only changes the effect of a Drink card, and doesn’t actually move Zot’s Alcohol Content marker. Keep in mind that even if a lot of cards have been played in response to one another, they still only resolve one at a time.

The vast majority of these problems come up when people are altering other people’s Drinks. Remember, all of these cards that affect Drinks aren’t affecting you. There are some card interactions that do not involve Drinks though. Here’s another example:


Ozrik Player: I play “Recharging the Elements” to gain 1 Fortitude.
Joran Player: Sorry Ozrik. I play “I’m gonna save this healing for the dungeon!” to reduce that Fortitude gain to 0.
Ozrik Player: “Oh please. Your powers are no match for mine!” lets me Ignore your card!
Joran Player: No it doesn’t…

Unlike the above example, Joran’s card is actually affecting Ozrik’s card. However, Joran’s card does not directly affect Ozrik’s Fortitude. Once again, ask yourself: “At the moment when Joran’s card resolves, will Ozrik’s Fortitude change?” In this case, the answer is no because when Joran’s card resolves all that changes is the effect of Ozrik’s card and doesn’t move Ozrik’s Fortitude Marker.

Remember: cards really only affect you when they move your bits around as they resolve (and they resolve one at a time!). So when you sit down to your next round with those craft characters who mess with your drinks, make sure you’re holding onto those Ignore Drink cards!


RulesFest: Dealing with Chasers

Published on October 24, 2015 by in RulesFest

RulesFest is a blog where we go over a few of our design choices as well as cover the occasionally missed rule. This week we talk about the exciting world of Chasers, the scariest drinks at the Red Dragon Inn.

Greetings, SlugFans!

The drinks of the Red Dragon Inn are arguably the main attraction for adventurers far and wide. While the fiery Dragon Breath Ale or disgusting Ogre Brew are likely to turn heads (as well as stomachs!), when these drinks are combined with other more run-of-the-mill refreshments you’ll see adventurers dropping like flies. Today we are focusing on the dreaded Chaser, what they do and how to get out of drinking them!


ChaserIconWhat is a Chaser?
Every Drink Deck has a variety of Chasers in it, usually made of the more “normal” drinks. While these drinks on their own aren’t too exciting, the simple fact that they combine with other drinks makes them very formidable. To start things off, a quick refresher on the Chaser rules.

To the right is the Chaser icon. Whenever a player reveals a Drink Card with this icon, they must reveal another Drink Card and combine its effects with the previous card, making one super hybrid drink!

Now for the nitty gritty:

  • Where do these extra Drink cards come from?

If the first Drink Card came from your Drink Me! Pile, then any other Drink Cards you must reveal come from your Drink Me! Pile. If you run out of cards in your Drink Me! Pile then you stop and do not add any more cards to this drink.

If the first Drink Card came from the Drink Deck, then any other Drink Cards you must reveal come from the Drink Deck. Because the Drink Deck never runs out of cards (you just reshuffle it), you always have to reveal another Drink Card.

  • What happens if I reveal another Chaser?

Usually Chasers tell you to reveal only one extra Drink Card. The only time you reveal more Drink Cards is when your extra drink is also a Chaser. That’s right, Chasers can chain into more Chasers! In the below example, some poor adventurer has to deal with a 9 Alcohol Content drink!


  • What happens if I reveal a Drink Event?

If you ever reveal a Drink Event while resolving the ability of a Chaser, you stop immediately, discard the Drink Event, and move on to responding to the drink.

  • How do cards that respond to drinks work with Chasers?

Remember, the original drink and all extra drinks count as a single drink. Any card that modifies or affects a drink affects the whole thing! That’s why you need to wait until all cards are revealed before you play anything. In modern editions of the rules we clarified that this was the case, that “No player may respond to a drink until all of its Chasers have been revealed.”


Chaser Example 1: Fiona drinks from her Drink Me! Pile and gets Wine with a Chaser. She reveals the next card on her Drink Me! Pile and gets Dragon Breath Ale. She adds the effects of both Drinks, for a total Alcohol Content of 6. Fiona plays “This is just the thing to get the rust off my armor!” to Ignore the Drink, so she gains no Alcohol Content.


Chaser Example 2: During a Drinking Contest, Deirdre reveals Dark Ale with a Chaser from the top of the Drink Deck. She reveals the next card from the Drink Deck and gets Round on the House. Since Round on the House is a Drink Event Card, it has no effect as a Chaser. Deirdre gains 1 Alcohol Content.


Chaser Example 3: During a Drinking Contest, Fleck reveals Dark Ale with a Chaser from the top of the Drink Deck. He then reveals the next card from the Drink Deck and gets Holy Water. In response, Eve plays “Actually, that’s Dragon Breath Ale” turning Fleck’s Dark Ale with a Chaser of Holy Water into a Dragon Breath Ale!

Whew, that was a long drink! Hopefully we’ve been able to dispel any confusion players had about Chasers and how they work in RDI. Now if you don’t mind, we’ve got some drinks waiting for us at the bar. See you next time!

RDI Artists: Erin Wong

Published on October 10, 2015 by in RDI Artists

ErinIn the RDI Artists series, we’ll be telling you a little bit about the many great artists who have provided art for The Red Dragon Inn series over the years. First, we speak with Erin Wong, an artist from the Vancouver area whose amazing art rocketed her from RDI fangirl to SFG Staff Artist in a very short timeframe. Her work for SFG includes Lizwick the Collector from RDI 5, Keet the Treasure Hunter (now available via SlugCrew), and the much-talked-about, retweeted and generally-drooled-over cover to RDI 5!



SFG: How did you decide to become an artist?RDI5Cover

Erin: When I was going through my first year science courses in university, and I realized I had more doodles and drawings on my notebooks than actual notes.

SFG: Where did you learn your craft?

Erin: I’m a self-taught illustrator, meaning lots of trial and error, looking up tutorials, progress shots from other artists, and watching time lapses to learn different techniques. I learned how to use Photoshop by basically messing around with it and wondering “what does this button do?” Even after twelve years of using Photoshop, I probably have only skimmed the surface of all its functions and tools.

SFG: What kinds of art do you specialize in?

Erin: I’m very fond of character artwork and design. I enjoy creating outfits, and putting characters that I love from other media in different attire. I also specialize in illustrating scenes that involves interaction between characters and their environment. To be able to tell stories with a single image is a really amazing and fun thing to do. That is to say, I had the time of my life drawing Lizwick, Keet, and the RDI5 box art.

SFG: Which projects are you most proud of?

Erin: I created a multi-chaptered doujinshi (a Japanese fan-comic) back in 2010. I love Kingdom Hearts and have always wanted to create a doujinshi, so I decided to go for it. Over the course of a year and a half, I wrote the script and used Photoshop and Manga Studio to illustrate the story. It was hard, grinding work, but so worth it in the end when I finally saw it come together in a nicely bounded 184 page book.

SFG: What do you want viewers to take away from your art? How should it make them feel?

Erin: I want them to feel inspired when they see my artwork. Nothing makes me happier than when viewers tell me that my art has inspired them to want to create something of their own, and want to improve on their craft. Art should drive other people to create more and keep that wheel of creativity turning. I guess that’s why I love drawing fan art so much. It’s a nice community for fans to come together and enjoy works created by other fans.

zeldashiek_finSFG: How would you describe your style?

Erin: This is one difficult question. My style is constantly changing as I learn different techniques, but right now, I’d probably describe it as semi-realism cartoons.

SFG: Are you a gamer? What games do you play?

Erin: Yup! I play mostly story-driven RPG video games like Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin’s Creed, and The Last of Us. Whenever my friends and I get together, I’m always up for rage-inducing party games like Mario Kart and tabletop games (including Red Dragon Inn of course! It’s the only drinking game I can actually participate in).

aerith_fin1SFG: How did you end up working for these pleasant chaps at SFG?

Erin: After a night of bubbletea with friends and winning a round of RDI as Erin the Ever-Changing (how fitting!) I decided to send the pleasant chaps at SFG a fan e-mail saying how much I enjoy the game and the character artwork. I threw my portfolio at them for good measure, because I figured “hey, it wouldn’t hurt, and maybe they’ll need more artists in the future,” and right off the bat they recruited me in to help them create Lizwick for RDI5! Woooo!

[Editor’s note: we enjoy getting artist solicitations, and get them fairly frequently. Erin’s had both an amazing portfolio and impeccable timing, since we were actively looking for artists to help with the seven new characters we were working on at the time!]

SFG: Where can we find your work/Where can we follow you?

Erin: – my art portfolio which includes illustrations as well as 3D works from my time at BCIT studying 3D modeling, and – A nice compilation of illustrations and fan art.

SFG: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Erin! Stay tuned for more interviews with the artists of The Red Dragon Inn

All fan artworks and art are copyright to their respective owners.

RulesFest: Keep Your Drink Deck Slim!

Published on September 29, 2015 by in RulesFest

RulesFest is a blog where we go over a few of our design choices as well as cover the occasionally missed rule. This week we’re talking about combining drink decks in The Red Dragon Inn!


Greetings SlugFans!

Today we would like to discuss one of the small but important aspects of The Red Dragon Inn: the size of your Drink Deck.

A Drink Deck right out of the box is a carefully-crafted 30-card force of destruction and merriment that has been both boon and bane to many a party-goer. As more adventurers have joined The Party, so too have new and exciting drinks been added to the menu! Many players have shuffled new drinks into their Drink Decks, either from promos that they have collected over the years, or from the many new drinks found in the various expansions. It seems that not a small number of fans have their own favorite custom Drink Decks or shuffle them all up into a behemoth pile!

Of course, you are all welcome to play the game with any number of drinks that you want. However, we would like to encourage you all to stick to one simple rule of thumb:

The Drink Deck should be (about) 30 cards.

“Why?” you might ask? Well, simply put, the 30-card Drink Deck is designed to be a game clock. Remember, each time the Drink Deck runs out, each player must pay 1 gold to the Inn. This slow drain on everyone’s gold is very important to the balance of the gold-stealing and hard-gambling characters in the game. Without this occasional, yet reliable tax on player’s stashes, Gerki and the other rogues like him find the game significantly harder to win by way of stealing everyone’s hard-earned gold.

There’s another ramification of the 30-ish card Drink Deck. When the deck is eventually reshuffled, there are typically still drinks out on player’s Drink Me! Piles. So, the second time around, the Drink Deck will have fewer than 30 cards in it. Again, that’s extremely important for the gold-focused characters, who benefit from the second shuffle (and sometimes the third shuffle) to pull off a victory.

Therefore, when you are playing with these gold-focused characters, they are at a slight disadvantage because all their gold-stealing shenanigans have less of a relative impact on the game. So give Gerki, Fleck, Eve and the rest a chance and keep those Drink Decks pretty short.

If you really want to play with a single, monolithic, inebriating drink pile, we recommend the following rules. These rules strike a balance between the fun of a giant Drink Deck and the pain the gold characters will feel if that deck never runs out. Enjoy!

  • Shuffle all of your Drink Cards together. This is the Bar Deck.
  • At the start of the game, make a Drink Deck from the top 30 cards of the Bar Deck.
  • Whenever the Drink Deck runs out, each player pays 1 Gold to the Inn as per normal rules.
  • Instead of shuffling the Drink Deck discard pile, make a new Drink Deck from the top 30 cards of the Bar Deck.