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The 2019 SlugCrew Rewards!

Published on January 4, 2019 by in Uncategorized

Happy New Year SlugFans!

As we launch into another year of gaming, it’s time to share 2019’s exciting new rewards for the SlugCrew program!

SlugCrew is our international team of gamers who demo, run tournaments and share their love of SlugFest Games with others. By running events at game stores and conventions, SlugCrew members earn special rewards like promo cards for The Red Dragon Inn as well as pre-release versions of upcoming Character Decks. Ozrik, Wrench, Keet, Adonis and Murgath have all been pre-released to SlugCrew over the life of the program.

Long story short: play the games you love, tell us about it, and we send you cool stuff!

We have three brand new promo drinks for 2019’s SlugCrew Minor Reward. Oozing with new mechanics introduced by RDI7 and The Wench, we have two new Elixirs, potent drinks with persistent effects and another brew from one of Chronos’ timelines. To play with promo drinks, just shuffle a few into your normal Drink Deck.


You can earn these drinks by getting 30 SlugCrew points (or about 6 hours worth of demoing). SlugCrew who earn 150 points or more will get our Major Reward, a brand new pre-release character deck: Piper, the Eagle-Eyed Sniper!

After helping our heroes save the town in the Battle for Greyport, Piper, the Eagle-Eyed Sniper, has proven herself worthy of a spot at the table. The veteran ranger and bounty hunter joins the party at The Red Dragon Inn, and finally adds an Archer to the roster (something our fans have been asking for for ages)!

Piper is based on one of the Honorable Mention winners from the Character Design Contest, Hunter the Hunter. Hunter introduced the idea of novelty arrows and a quiver deck to the game. He was the last character remaining to be introduced to the game, and as soon as we received the artwork for the Eagle-Eyed Sniper for BFG we knew who our archer was going to be!

Piper has a side deck, called the Quiver, which contains multiple, unique trick arrows. These cards have all the card subtypes you know and love, and offer her a number of fancy options throughout the game. At the start of her turn, instead of drawing only from her character deck, she first draws an Arrow, and then finishes drawing to a hand of 7 cards. Piper also draws Arrows when she plays a card that tells her to. In this way she can hoard Arrow cards in her hand until she decides it’s time to blot out the sun and make it rain!

On her turn, Piper can either play an Action card as normal, or play an Arrow card, If she plays an Arrow card, after it resolves she may play another, and another, and another, and another… essentially firing every arrow she has drawn up to that point in the game!

However, blowing through your Arrows in quick succession could run you out of ammo real quick. Unlike all other side decks released so far, Piper’s Quiver does not reshuffle when it’s exhausted. Once Piper is out of Arrows, she can no longer draw them! She is a professional survivalist though, and can slowly refletch her arrows with a handful of signature cards. So if the game runs long, she can cherry pick the right arrow for the job at hand, whether that’s avoiding nasty drinks, catching cheaters, or lighting adventurers on fire.

Piper will be part of a later product release, but until then will only be available through the SlugCrew program. So sign up today and start earning those points!

Update about the En Garde Reforged Kickstarter Campaign

Hello, backers. First of all, please allow us to apologize for the confusion around the En Garde Reforged Kickstarter campaign and ensure you that we do plan to ship games to all backers very soon. It has come to our attention that backers just received notification from Kickstarter of an intellectual property dispute around the game. Here is some background.

In the 70’s a role-playing game by the name of En Garde! was created. By the time of our release of our swordfighting game in 2005, that property appeared to be abandoned. However, when our game came out, the owner of that property contacted SlugFest Games and an arrangement was made allowing the two products to co-exist. With the upcoming reboot of our game, the owner of the role-playing property reasserted his claim to exclusive use of the title, asked us to change our name, and filed an IP dispute with Kickstarter. Conversations with the RPG owner have proceeded cordially, and we have agreed to change the name of our product to En Garde Reforged, as previously announced.

Kickstarter takes it as a policy to generally avoid acting as arbiter in an IP dispute, and has therefore locked our campaign until such time as the RPG owner informs them that the situation has been resolved to their satisfaction. We are working with the other party to see that this happens as quickly as possible.

Please rest assured that the only dispute here involves the game’s title, not the game itself. This allows us to confidently say that we will be able to ship the game as promised.

We will give more updates as the situation develops. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the trouble.

Jeff Morrow
President, SlugFest Games

Prize Cards Join The Red Dragon Inn!

Published on July 10, 2018 by in Uncategorized

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new, exciting way to spice up your game of The Red Dragon Inn: the Prize Variant.

The Prize Variant is a new way to amp up a Round of Gambling by adding some serious stakes to pot (as if losing all your gold wasn’t important enough!). Each of the Prizes we will be introducing have some pretty significant consequences, and your ability to outplay your opponents in a Round of Gambling will become an important part of your game-winning strategy.

Prizes are a new kind of card that represent special trophies you win along with all the sweet sweet gold when you take the pot after Round of Gambling. That means you can win them by just outplaying everyone at the table like an honest adventurer, by pulling off some cheaty shenanigans, or by catching a cheater trying to pull off some cheaty shenanigans! You can check out the full rules for prizes here.

At the start of the game, take any number of Prize cards you like, and add them to the Inn’s supply (where you keep the extra gold and such).

When a player starts a Round of Gambling, they also pick one of the available Prize cards to add to the pot, then play proceeds as normal. When you claim a Prize, leave it in front of you, then follow its instructions at the appropriate time. For example: The Absorbent Towel triggers “The next time you Ignore a Drink…”.

Using a Prize when it triggers is not optional. If you fulfill the triggering game event, you must use the Prize’s ability, whether it is beneficial to you or not. After you have resolved the Prize’s ability, it is moved to the Prize Bin, a holding pile for used Prizes.

If a player starts a Round of Gambling and there are no Prizes in the Inn, then all Prizes in the Prize Bin are returned to the Inn, giving that player a choice of any of the now available Prizes. If there are no Prizes in the Inn and there are also no Prizes in the Prize Bin, then that player just starts a Round of Gambling like normal without picking any Prize.

If the pot goes to the Inn for whatever reason, the Prize in that pot also returns to the Inn and is available in future Rounds of Gambling. Furthermore, Prizes are not actually gold, therefore you can’t steal them from the pot with cards like Eve’s “Sleight of Hand” or Gerki’s “Grab a coin while no one’s lookin’!”

The Prize Variant will be officially introduced to the game in multiple exciting ways:

  1. The “Absorbent Towel” will be included in The Red Dragon Inn 7 – The Tavern Crew, available this Fall.
  2. The “Talisman of Liquid Courage” will be included in The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Spyke and Flower available this Fall.
  3. The “Six-Fingered Glove” will be included in Munchkin®: The Red Dragon Inn available from Steve Jackson Games.
  4. Finally, the “Adorabomb” will be next season’s Convention Giveaway available for the first time at Gen Con 51 on August 2nd.

Each of these cards is a great addition to the game on their own, but are even better together. So start hoarding your Winning Hands, loaded dice, and anti-cheating cards because Prizes are coming soon to a tavern near you!

Munchkin, the Munchkin characters, and the pyramid logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, used under license by SlugFest Games. All rights reserved.

Announcing the Gambling, I’m In Game Design Contest!

Published on June 26, 2018 by in DesignFest, SlugNews

Hello, SlugFans! We’ve received some pings on our radar indicating renewed interest in our old Gambling, I’m In! product. We’re pretty excited about this, since that product is near and dear to our hearts. We have big plans for a reboot, and we think you’re going to love what we’re putting together.

We aren’t ready to announce full details about the new product just yet, but here’s a small reveal: we plan to add a few more games to the existing GII lineup. We’re working on a couple of designs in-house, but we’d like your ideas, as well!

So, it’s time for another game design contest! We are looking for game designs that use the Rogues and Warriors deck and/or d6s. Here are some contest rules:

  • A submission must be in the form of a clear, well-written PDF describing the game and how to play it.
  • Maximum of 3 submitted games per person.
  • Submissions must include a signed Contest Waiver. Any game design submitted without a signed waiver will be immediately deleted, unopened.
  • Submissions must be sent to, with the subject line “GII Design Contest”.
  • Submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time, November 11, 2018.

And here are a few guidelines. Unlike the above, these ones aren’t hard-and-fast rules. If a submission really wows us, we may pick it as a contest winner even if it doesn’t follow these guidelines:

  • Games that don’t require extra components are preferred. (The “basic” components are a Rogues and Warriors deck with optional Dragon Cards and Grey Tableau Cards, some d6s, and some kind of betting tokens like poker chips.)
  • Games that use betting rounds are preferred over games that use the “Playing for Shares” rules from the GII rulebook.
  • Games that can be played inside of a game of The Red Dragon Inn are preferred over games that can’t.
  • Games that include variants are preferred, especially a variant that allows your game to be played with or without the Dragon Cards.

The winning design will receive $300 and a copy of the upcoming rebooted game. Honorable mentions will receive $100 and a copy of the game. So dust off your old Rogues and Warriors deck, grab some dice and poker chips, and start playtesting!

And if you’re not familiar with GII, don’t fret, because there’s plenty of time for you to submit a winning design! You can study the existing games here, you can download a print and play of the cards here, and you can even get a Tabletop Simulator module of the game here. So even if you’ve never played the game before, you’ll be able to easily bring yourself up to speed!

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to seeing your ideas!

And, of course, there’s a bit of fine print:

As the Contest Waiver states, we reserve the right to select any number of winners, including none. In addition, if you are selected to win a prize, your receipt of that prize will be contingent upon assigning exclusive rights to your design to SlugFest Games.

Murgath the Blessed now available to SlugCrew!

Published on January 4, 2018 by in SlugCrew

With a new year comes new SlugCrew rewards!

For those of you just joining us, SlugCrew is our international demo team of people who love our games and want to persuade other people to love them, too. By running events at game stores and conventions, SlugCrew members can earn points toward promo drink cards or prerelease characters. The characters Ozrik, Wrench, Keet and Adonis all started their lives as SlugCrew promo characters before their public release.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First up, the new promo drink cards!

2018 Promo Drinks

These drinks are (hopefully) what you’ve all come to expect from promo drinks – they’re flavorful, fun, and just a bit more zany than your typical Ogre Brews and Dwarven Firewaters. For example, Drowsy Poison causes you to (mostly) skip your next turn, while Wrench’s Alc-O-Matic is really hard to avoid, since it comes back whenever you try getting out of it!

You can earn these drinks by getting 30 SlugCrew points (typically about 6 hours worth of demoing). And at 150 SlugCrew points, you can get Murgath the Blessed!

Murgath the Blessed

We all know the story of the adventurer who has the misfortune of being stuck with a cursed item. But what about the villain who is stuck with a blessed item…?

The evil Blackguard Murgath gained possession of the holy sword Banefall when he looted it off the body of a defeated hero, and now he can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Banefall does everything she can to thwart Murgath’s mighty evil. She can’t completely stop him, but she can give her blessings to those unfortunate targets of his wrath.

Murgath has a side deck of blessings, and many of his cards give those blessings to other players. When you get a blessing, you draw the top card of the blessing deck and add it to your hand. It counts toward your hand size, so if you keep it through your Discard and Draw Phase, that’s one less card that you’ll draw from your Character Deck.

Many blessings have a subtype such as Action, Sometimes or Anytime. This means that you may play those cards for their effect at the appropriate time. However, many blessings also have a heart with a number in the upper left. The heart means that you may play the blessing as though it were an Anytime Card with the effect “Gain X Fortitude”, where X is the number in the heart. If a blessing has both an ability and a heart, you may play that blessing either for the ability or for the healing – not both!

The blessings add a fun new twist and makes a game with Murgath at the table very interesting!

And yes, Murgath is a villain. That means he has a 15-card Boss Battle deck in addition to his other cards. For more information about Boss Battle, check out the RDI 6 rules!

Murgath will be part of a later RDI product release, but until then, you can pick up a copy now by running events at game stores and conventions through SlugCrew. Sign up today and start earning points toward Murgath the Blessed!

Look over there! It’s the Lich King!

Published on September 26, 2017 by in SlugNews

The mysterious Lich King has finally taken a break from his eldritch studies for a pint of ale at the tavern. Shrouded in arcane energy and more than happy to let loose with some point blank magical mayhem, he is certain to make an impression – and leave a smoldering table (and party of adventurers) in his wake!

The Lich King is the first villainous ally to join the game and will definitely take knowledge, skill and a little luck to play well – and against! His character deck is full of dirty magical tricks that would make Joran blush, and his new mechanic is going to turn a lot of heads: Fingers.

The Lich King begins the game with a special player mat that maxes out at 13 Fortitude. Normally this would be a terrible handicap for a character, however the Lich King’s ruthlessness knows no bounds, even for his own body! By severing his right hand and imbuing it with his magical essence, he now possesses the ability to Ignore card effects that affect his Fortitude or Alcohol Content five additional times! Each time the Lich King attempts to Ignore one of these card effects, he detaches a finger from his severed hand. As an added bonus, three of the five fingers also have a golden ring on them, and when you detach those fingers, they get added to your stash as a Gold Piece!

Dance with Gog? Snap a finger! Reveal Elven Wine with a Chaser of Dragon Breath Ale? Snap a finger! Phrenk offers you something a little strong? Snap a finger! About to lose the game? Snap a finger!

But don’t go too crazy with your new-found power! Many of the Lich King’s cards, especially the offensive ones, are MUCH better if you have many fingers still attached to your hand (it’s a little tough to strangle an adventurer with just a thumb). The Lich King also has a number of cards that are better based on how many detached fingers you have. Knowing what cards are in your deck and rationing your use of fingers will be critical to playing this character. Sometimes it may actually be better to take a few lumps to the old head bone if it means you can save a few fingers until the end of the game.

Furthermore, each finger counts as a Sometimes card when they are detached, meaning that they are all subject to being Negated by “I don’t think so!” or other similar cards. When one of the Lich King’s fingers is Negated, he may detach yet another finger to Ignore the original effect again, but breaking fingers off too quickly will leave the Lich King vulnerable for the rest of the game!

Finally, fingers do not prevent effects that attack the Lich King’s Gold. Gerki knows no greater joy than forcing the Lich King to detach one of his fingers to pay for the ante in a Round of Gambling, right before he steals it from the pot while nobody’s looking!

Like all of our villains, The Lich King will come with his own set of 15 Boss Battle cards so he can take on a party of players all at once! The Lich King is far and away our most defensive boss, letting loose all of his arcane power to regenerate his body, even going so far as occasionally reattaching his own detached fingers! Heroes will need to carefully beat their way through the Lich King’s defenses and avoid his most devastating spells to make it out alive.

The Lich King is joining all the fun at the Red Dragon Inn this year, and you know it’s going to end badly for everyone! Will this titan of magical prowess dominate the table, or will he succumb to the combined might of our heroes? Preorder your copy of The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Adonis vs. The Lich King today!

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains – Now Available!

Published on September 20, 2017 by in SlugNews


Greetings, Red Dragon Inn fans!

In case you haven’t already heard, The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains is taking taverns by storm and is available now! Pick your copy up today at your friendly local game store or order it from us here on our website. And because of our preorder deal on Adonis vs. The Lich King, we’re offering free US shipping on all orders placed through our web store until November 30th!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out our character walkthrough videos for each of the new villains on the new Red Dragon Inn 6 Resources page or get a great overview of the game on its product page. Conveniently, you can order straight from there if you decide you like what you see!

Bastian Wins the 2017 Doppelganger Tournament!

Published on September 1, 2017 by in SlugNews

Hello SlugFans, we had a great time at this year’s historic Gen Con 50, and a part of that experience was our annual Doppelganger tournament with 92 enthusiastic players! What’s a doppelganger tournament, you ask? Well, the first round of this elimination tournament consists of people playing against other copies of the same character to determine who is the “real” Fiona, the “real” Lizwick, the “real” Phrenk, etc.

After that, round two was six randomly-assigned tables of adventurers:

Table 1: Phrenk hustled his potions and came out ahead.

Winner: Phrenk – Kelly Overholser
Zot – Carl Haggman
Pooky – Alex Rippke
Chronos – Bryan Strahm
Eve – Sebastian Cuellar
Nitrel – Hunter Woofter

Table 2: Bastian kept his faith, surprisingly at ease in a tavern…

Winner: Bastian – Rachel McCartney
Amundyr – Anthony Sanders
Remy – Hysam Halabi
Ozrik – Tim Shaw
Zakhan – Ryan Walczyk
Fleck – Shelby Phelps

Table 3: Kaylin’s pixie magic and moody wolf pal won the night!

Winner: Kaylin – Jim Sutherin
Sera – Bill Wieringa
Cormac – Joe Rothenberger
Keet – David Kowalski
Deirdre – Charles Schaefer
Captain – Kyle Erickson

Table 4: Lizwick brought several pounds of prevention, and victory was the cure.

Winner: Lizwick – Sarah Brun
Fiona – Tyler Zigon
Gerki – Trine Owen
Gog – Christopher Sigler
Wizgille – Shane Voegerl
Natyli – Liam Robinson

Table 5: Bryn brought her winning attitude (and huge cannon) to the match.

Winner: Bryn – Tara Ellinghaus
Halden – Antonio Godinez
Tara – Shino Takahashi
Daareka – Matt Owen
Wrench – Christine Eason
Zariah – Isaac Payne

Table 6: Torglesnarf reigned supreme over his competition!

Winner: Torglesnarf – Mark O’Brien
Erin – Nathan Stephens
Serena – William Martinez
Dimli – Christine Nolen
Vlazlo – Carey Anderson
Joran – Nathan Jones


Lizwick was the first player eliminated, perhaps a little over-prepared for the table. Torglesnarf followed soon after, taking a beating his minions couldn’t absorb for him. Bryn played a tough game, but was out third. This left Kaylin, Bastian, and Phrenk at the table, but Kaylin and Phrenk both experienced a mutual loss from a crazy drinking contest that pushed them both out of the game at the same time, leaving Bastian the final winner!

Congratulations to Rachel McCartney and Bastian, winners of the 2017 Doppelganger tournament at Gen Con’s Golden (Dragon) Anniversary!

1st Place: Bastian – Rachel McCartney
2nd/3rd Place: Kaylin – Jim Sutherin & Phrenk – Kelly Overholser
4th Place: Bryn – Tara Ellinghaus
5th Place: Torglesnarf – Mark O’Brien
6th Place: Lizwick – Sarah Brun

The Magnificent Adonis Joins the Party!

Published on August 22, 2017 by in SlugNews

The Magnificent Adonis, Bard of the Ages (a title of his own making) will be joining The Party this holiday season. This hulking powerhouse with an angel’s voice is ready to singing ballads and beat some friends – er – drums, but what talents does our oiled up he-man actually bring to the table (besides a massive ego)? Glad you asked!

Adonis is a our bardic barbarian (or bardbarian) and brings some serious beefcake as well as a handful of tricks to the table. While he may not be the brightest flute in the orchestra, he is certainly the loudest, and enjoys his drinking and leaving drumstick-shaped impressions on his friends. While he’s nowhere near as good with his coin or wordplay as Fleck, his showmanship and physique more than make up for it.

Adonis begins the game with three instrument tokens: his flute, lyre and drum. Unfortunately, he usually ends the game with three broken instruments!

Why is Adonis breaking his instruments left, right and center? Well, besides the fact that they are seriously too small and dainty for him, it’s usually because he simply has gotten carried away with his performances, or needs to let off some barbarian-levels of steam. Many of Adonis’ cards gain a slight benefit from him keeping his instruments intact, as denoted by the instrument icon in the textbox of the card. These gentle buffs allow him keep up with the rest of the partygoers at the tavern.

However, many of his other cards have a significant bonus when he SMASHES his instruments! Each card that has a SMASH effect dramatically increases the power of the ability. However, smashing one or more of his instruments will mean he no longer benefits from the passive bonuses on his other cards.

Carefully managing when and how many of your instruments you break will be key to winning or losing as Adonis. While he does have a handful of ways to replace them, they are few and far between, and you’ll have to play with some pretty sub-par cards until you can replace them.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Adonis vs. the Lich King is available for pre-order right now! Don’t miss out on bringing both of these characters to the party.

SlugFest Games at Gen Con 50!

Published on August 6, 2017 by in SlugNews

Greetings Slugfans!

We are excited to be exhibiting yet again this year at Gen Con 50! Come visit us at Booth #1849 and check out all the new stuff!

RDI6, While Supplies Last

We’ll have our latest and most sinister expansion for The Red Dragon Inn series available in limited quantities this Gen Con! Come to our booth (#1849) and give our four newest, villain-est Red Dragon Inn characters a test drive!

You can also get a taste of our new Boss Mode and Team Play variants at our demo tables – then take the experience home for your game group!

The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains is slated for a full retail release in September.

Learn How to Play Battle for Greyport!

Our experienced and friendly SlugCrew are running several Learn to Play events over the course of the convention! We’ll be giving short introductory demos at our booth, but if you want a taste of the whole game, go to the Gen Con events page and search ‘Battle for Greyport!’

Nate Heiss, one of the designers of Battle for Greyport, will also be running four of these learn to play events himself, if you want some inside-and-out expertise on your side!

We’ve done our best to make sure there are enough event slots to fit into as many attendees’ schedules as possible, so please give the event finder a quick search and buy your event tickets (or earmark your generics..) ASAP!

The following events still have tickets available as of this publishing:

Game ID Title Time Duration Cost Tickets
CGM17121993 Battle for Greyport – Learn to Play!
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
10:00 AM
2 hrs $2 16
CGM17121949 Learn Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport w/ Designer
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
5:00 PM
2 hrs $2 14
CGM17119298 Battle for Greyport – Learn to Play!
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
12:00 PM
2 hrs $2 1
CGM17121950 Learn Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport w/ Designer
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
3:00 PM
2 hrs $2 12
CGM17121951 Learn Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport w/ Designer
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
5:00 PM
2 hrs $2 12
CGM17121994 Battle for Greyport – Learn to Play!
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
3:00 PM
2 hrs $2 11
CGM17121952 Learn Red Dragon Inn: Battle for Greyport w/ Designer
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
5:00 PM
2 hrs $2 12
CGM17121995 Battle for Greyport – Learn to Play!
Battle for Greyport, 1.1 Edition
9:00 AM
2 hrs $2 11

This Gen Con is the first chance SlugFans have to get a copy of Blud Lite, the new Vampire-themed convention promo card celebrating the release of The Red Dragon Inn 6 over the 2017 and 2018 convention season!

In the past we’ve had Gen Con specific promos to give away at our booth that maybe ended up someplace else (like the BGG store) later on. We plan to attend more conventions than usual this year, and we’ll be bringing these with us to each of them until Gen Con 2018, when we’ll ‘reset’ to a new year and a new promo.

That’s all the news for SlugFest Games at Gen Con. We hope you all have a great show!