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SlugCrew-Exclusive Drink Cards!

Published on February 19, 2013 by in SlugCrew

Hey there, SlugFans! It’s been a while since our last blog post. Sorry for that, but we’ve been working like crazy on our Kickstarter-backed RPG project, The Red Dragon Inn Guide to Inns and Taverns. That project is taking a bit longer than we had hoped, but we’re really coming down the home stretch now.

In our last post, I introduced the SlugCrew Rewards Program, whereby you can earn points by doing demos of our games at stores and conventions. To recap: a two-hour store demo is worth about 10 points. At 30 points, you will earn the current year’s Minor Reward, and at 150 points, you will earn the Major Reward.

For 2013, the Major Reward will be Ozrik the Adept, a SlugCrew-exclusive RDI character. We’re working on him now, and he’s turning out to be really fun to play (and his power level isn’t quite as crazy high as it was the last time I wrote about him).

Also in our last post, I described the 2013 Minor Reward, but I described it only as “an exclusive RDI drink card that’s much zanier than anything we’d normally print.” Well, we decided to up the ante a bit. We’re not doing one new drink card–we’re doing three, and I’m writing to show you two of them. Want to see the third? (It’s the zaniest.) You’ll just have to earn 30 SlugCrew points!  So, without further ado:

GoldPileGamblersGrog D6BarroomBrawl

We expect to ship these out sometime in March. Any SlugCrew member who has earned 30 or more points will receive all three of the new drinks!

So, to all of you out there running events: thank you! And to those of you still on the fence, hopefully these SlugCrew-exclusives will bribe persuade you into action!


Introducing the SlugCrew Rewards Program!

Published on November 21, 2012 by in SlugCrew

Hi, everyone!  Today we’re excited to announce some big changes to SlugCrew!

First, if you visit our new SlugCrew page, you will see a description of SlugCrew and a form to sign up.  (We ask that any existing SlugCrew members sign up again via this form so that we can get everyone into the new system.)  Once you log in, you will see some useful resources, including a form which you can use to inform us of the events you run at stores or game conventions.

This is all well and good, but the big new change to SlugCrew comes in the form of the new SlugCrew Rewards Program.  Starting today, you can earn SlugCrew points by running events.  As you accumulate points, you will be eligible for SlugCrew-exclusive rewards.  Each calendar year, we will come up with a minor reward and a major reward.  When you earn 30 points, you will receive that year’s minor reward.  When you earn 150 points, you will earn the major reward.

So, how do you earn points?  By running demos of our games, of course!  After you enter an event report via our web form, we will confirm the event (by contacting the game store or convention staff) and award you some number of points.  The rule of thumb we will use is that 2-3 hours of demo time at a store will earn you 10 points.  Point awards for different activities will be scaled using that rule.  And points earned starting today will count toward 2013 rewards, so you can all get a head start by running some holiday season demos!

So, without further ado: the 2013 rewards!

2013 Minor Reward: an exclusive RDI drink card that’s much zanier than anything we’d normally print!

2013 Major Reward: Ozrik the Adept, a SlugCrew-exclusive new RDI character!

Ozrik is a powerful elementalist who can beef up some of his cards by discarding other “element cards” when playing them.  We’ve playtested him a bunch so far, and he’s super interesting and fun to play.  (OK, he’s a bit too powerful right now, but we know how to fix that…)

Yes, that’s right: you can be the first on your block to play a brand-new RDI character.  We do plan to eventually print Ozrik as part of the RDI: Allies series, but to keep him exclusive to SlugCrew, we promise not to make him available to the general public until May 2014 at the earliest.

We expect the 2013 rewards to start shipping sometime in April.  So start earning points now!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here or contact us at

Thanks, everyone!  We hope you’re as excited about this new program as we are!


RulesFest: Templating and Why it’s Useful

Published on November 13, 2012 by in RulesFest

Hey, SlugFans!

I’d like to talk a bit about how we template our cards and why it matters.  I’ll also talk about an important example from The Red Dragon Inn.

So, what is “templating”?  Well, in most card games that have text on the cards, the designers make some efforts toward consistency when wording the cards.  Specifically, if two cards are meant to function the same way, they are worded the same way.

The converse of this is where consistent templating can be very helpful: if two cards are worded differently, it is because the game designers intend for the cards to function differently.

A quick sidenote: OK, we’ll admit it.  We weren’t as careful about this in the early days as we are now.  For example, in first and second editions of RDI 1, there are examples of cards that are worded differently that are actually meant to function identically to each other.  So, when following along with this blog post, please imagine that your RDI cards use the updated wording that we started using with the 3rd edition of RDI 1, the 2nd edition of RDI 2, or any edition of RDI 3.

Here’s an example where templating helped us clarify a source of potential confusion in the RDI rules. There are two particular types of Sometimes cards which can respond to you getting hit by another player: those that affect the damage before it happens, and those that let you hit the player back after it happens.

We decided to use templating to our advantage for these cards.  The key difference is in the phrases would and immediately after.

would: a card has been played, but has not yet resolved, which will make some event happen.

immediately after: a card has just resolved and made some event happen.

Our intent here is to communicate to players that if you want to reduce damage, you have to do so before the damage resolves.  If you want to hit someone back, you must wait until after the damage happens.  More specifically, we wanted to make it clear that you can’t weasel out of damage AND hit someone back.

Expect to see more of our good friends “would” and “immediately after” in future editions of RDI. Until next time, SlugFest rules!


Got a question about this or any other aspect of SlugFest’s rules?  Leave a comment here, or email us!

What Happened to The Red Dragon Inn?

Published on October 29, 2012 by in SlugNews

If you tried to purchase The Red Dragon Inn or The Red Dragon Inn 3 in the last few months you may have been pretty disappointed. (more…)

New Gambling? I’m In! Proofs!

Published on October 16, 2012 by in SlugNews

Check out the new layout for Gambling? I’m In!

Notice the difference? The new card layout addresses a bunch of feedback we’ve recieved from our fans. We’ve dropped the Rogues and Warriors scale to clean up the layout a bit, and mirrored the symbols so you can fan the cards any way you like! Also, to make the cards easier to read for color-blind players, we’ve dropped the square and dot system of identifying the colors in favor of a unique symbols. Blue cards are circles, green cards are squares, and red cards are starbursts.

“But how can I play Rogues and Warriors if I don’t have the list of pairings?” Well that’s where the new cheat card comes into play:

The game will come with 10 (!) cheat cards that give you all the information in the game on one card. On the top you have all the ranks and their die value. On the bottom you have all of the animals set with their colors. And on the left you have the Rogues and Warriors pairings that let you do this:


Expect to see Gambling? I’m in! back in stock by December!

Ending Your Turn for Fun and Profit!

Published on October 12, 2012 by in RulesFest

Hi there, everyone!  I’m writing this blog post to make sure everyone understands a mechanic that was added relatively recently to The Red Dragon Inn: ending your turn via a card effect.

There are currently three cards that can do this: Kaylin’s “I need some Private Pixie Time”, Wizgille’s gear card “Uh oh! I’d better fix that right now,” and Erin’s Tree form.

Private Pixie TimeBetter Fix ThatTree Form

So, what does it mean to end your turn?  Well, Erin’s rules summarize this idea nicely.  When your turn ends at a time when it normally wouldn’t:

  • Players may not play any more cards this turn.
  • Any cards that have been played but have not yet resolved are discarded and do not take effect.
  • The current Phase ends and all future Phases in your turn are skipped.  (This means you can skip drinking if you end your turn before your Drink Phase!)
  • If a Round of Gambling is underway, the anted Gold goes to the Inn.

That second bullet is worth discussing further.  It basically means that ending your turn at an opportune time can cancel one or more other cards.  Here’s an example: Erin reveals Wine as her drink for the turn.  Gerki spikes it with “Slip a mickey”, then in response, just to twist the dagger a bit, Fiona plays “Tip the Wench” on Erin.  Erin plays “Wildshape” and turns into a tree.  This ends her turn, which makes all the other cards go away!  Pretty handy, right?

Here’s an important thing to remember, though: any card, even one that would end the turn, can be responded to before it resolves!  This can cause the turn to continue, since the effect that would end the turn never happens.

Example 1: Kaylin plays “I need some Private Pixie Time” to attempt to end her turn.  In response, Wizgille plays “I didn’t activate my temporal dilation field. It’s just deja vu,” and reveals “Wow! That actually did what I expected it to.” as her gear (so it resolves normally).  Since Wizgille’s card Negates Kaylin’s card, Kaylin’s turn does not end.

Example 2: Wizgille reveals Elven Wine with a chaser of Dragon’s Breath Ale as her drink for the turn.  Since this would knock her out, she plays “This device can turn alcohol into gold! Watch!” to attempt to Ignore the drink and gain 3 gold.  For her gear, she reveals “Uh oh! I’d better fix that right now.”  She’s still pretty happy with this outcome, since her drink will just go away.  However, in response to her geared-up “alcohol into gold,” Dimli plays “I don’t think so!”  Since a device card and its associated gear card count as one big card effect, Dimli’s “I don’t think so!” Negates the entire thing–including the part that would end Wizgille’s turn!  Wizgille will have to take her drink normally and will pass out if she doesn’t have some other way to deal with it.

So, that’s how this recent new mechanic works.  I hope this post was helpful for you all. Remember, ending your turn can be a very powerful and useful effect if you can time it properly, but a card that ends your turn can potentially be Negated just like any other.

Until next time, SlugFest Rules!


RDI1 and RDI3 have Cleared US Customs!

Published on September 18, 2012 by in SlugNews

The Red Dragon Inn 1 and The Red Dragon Inn 3 shipment has just cleared US customs and is on it’s way to our warehouse this week!As many of you know from our previous blogpost, the original restock of RDI1 and RDI3 was delayed do to skullduggery preventing us from having them available for sale at Gen Con this year. We are very thankful to our SlugFans for supporting us through pre-orders and are happy to say we will be able to fulfill those orders over the next 2-4 weeks.

On top of that, we are currently fulfilling pre-orders for both Erin the Ever-Changing and Pooky, who arrived in our warehouse last week.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned. Sam from SFG has been working on quite the report about our experience with Kickstarter and how the Guide to Inns and Taverns is turning out after two weeks of development after funding.

Update #9 – Last Day!

It’s the final countdown! It has been a rush and a learning experience seeing this campaign move and grow. We are extremely happy with how it kept going, and really got to see it rock!

The Final Stretch!

We are extremely happy to find more than 300 of you pledging your support. We have to raise $3,000 before 7PM PDT to hit our final stretch goal. I cannot emphasize enough about how awesome it would be to start writing adventure modules and books! If we can each get one friend to come in at even the PDF level, we can hit that $20,000 mark! Let’s do it!

You can check out our campaign here.

Premium Rewards

As an answer to one of the most asked questions, we have added these final Premium Options to our rewards. They come in at Threshold levels, meaning you have to have pledged at least the Threshold amount to unlock the option.


RulesFest: Stop Playing With the Drinks!

Published on September 5, 2012 by in RulesFest

Welcome to another installment of RulesFest!  Here’s a fairly common interaction:

Experienced RDI Player: I drink… (flips over a card)… Wine.
New Player: I spike it with firewater!
Experienced Player: The Wench thinks you should stop playing with the drinks.
New Player: The Wench thinks YOU should stop playing with the drinks!
Experienced Player: Um…no…

Unfortunately, the funny nature of “Wench thinks…” sometimes leads players to believe that it can negate any card that has anything to do with drinks.  That’s not the case, for two reasons.  Let’s look at the card!

The first reason it doesn’t work (and the reason we use when explaining this interaction to new players) is because of the text at the bottom of the card: “This card can only be affected by I don’t think so!

But here’s the dirty little secret of this card.  That line about “I don’t think so! is almost entirely redundant anyway!  In fact, the only other card that could potentially affect “The Wench thinks you should stop playing with the drinks.” is Wizgille’s “I didn’t activate my temporal dilation field. It’s just deja vu.

An important general RDI rule to remember is that a card only affects (or changes the effects) of another card if it directly impacts that card when it resolves.  So, let’s look at the hypothetical interaction where “Wench thinks…” is played on another “Wench thinks…“.

“Negate a Sometimes Card…”

So far, so good.  “Wench thinks…” is, in fact, a Sometimes Card.

“…that changes the effects of a Drink Card”

Here’s where things get tripped up.  “Wench thinks…” is not changing the effects of a Drink Card.  It’s negating a Sometimes Card.  So, in the example above, Experienced Player’s “Wench thinks” is not affecting the Wine at all.  It is simply negating “Spike it with firewater.”  Because of this, “Wench thinks…” can never be a legitimate target for “Wench thinks…

In general, when determining whether a card affects something, ignore any ways in which that card might affect things indirectly.  This means, for example, that spiking a drink does not count as “affecting your alcohol content” and that losing a round of gambling does not count as “affecting your gold”.  And it also means that “Wench thinks…” can’t be affected by another “Wench thinks…

Hopefully that clears up this common misconception.  Until next time, SlugFest Rules!


Update #6 – (Almost) 90% of the Way There!

Published on September 4, 2012 by in SlugNews

We are 10% away from funding the project!

We have a whole week to go and that makes our stretch goals absolutely within reach. Help us finish this Kickstarter with a bang! To those of you have been helping spread the word, THANK YOU! To the rest of you (you know who you are…) now’s the time to step up to the plate. Anything you can do to help bring more eyes to the project will go a long way! Seriously though, every little bit we get at this point will be going directly into making a better quality book.

Oh, and don’t forget the Stretch Goals – Drinking Condition Cards, and Tavern Tiles, and Adventures, oh my!

Wooden GII case:

Cliff finished the first Wooden Gambling? I’m In! box (available at the Games of Chance Pledge Level).

The box is solid hardwood (mahogany) with a hand forged steel knob, and gives you plenty of room for your brand new Gambling? I’m In! set. All of the pictured bits are included. Some one has already snached one of these up and there are only 4 left, so get them while they are available!

An Ode to the Tavern 

One of our most awesome backers, Roy Corey, has felt the same way about inns and taverns that we do for some time. He’s even written a song on the topic that we thought you all might enjoy!

You can check the video out here.

In his own words:

“We share a common interest in that ubiquitous plot-furthering location, the tavern. I’ve had a couple regular Pathfinder games where the characters were based out of a tavern, one of the craftier players actually made a scale version because we had such frequent encounters there. Because of all that and the various plot hooks that were game standards I wrote a ukulele song about it, an Ode to the Tavern.”