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Ancient teleport spells and alcohol do not mix… A late-night “research” session has opened a portal to unknown realms. From that portal leaps Pooky’s evil doppelganger, ready to wreak havoc in our heroes’ beloved tavern!

This product includes Evil Pooky, the 50th character for The Red Dragon Inn, plus a new drink deck, with 8 brand-new drinks. Evil Pooky is, of course, a villain, so he may also be played as a Boss in the Boss Battle variant. In addition, this product includes cards needed to play the original Pooky as a Boss in a Boss Battle! This product was successfully funded on Kickstarter, with an estimated delivery of December 2020.
Retail Edition contents:
  • Evil Pooky character deck
  • Evil Pooky doppelganger deck
  • Evil Pooky boss deck
  • Drink deck with 8 brand-new drinks
  • EPIC Pooky – boss deck for original Pooky
  • Two new Prize Cards

Collector’s Edition contents:

  • Everything from the Retail Edition, PLUS
  • 6 plastic Fortitude Markers
  • 6 plastic Alcohol Content Markers
  • Plastic mood marker for original Pooky
  • Original Pooky character deck
  • Two additional new Prize Cards (four total)
  • All cards in both regular and holographic foil versions!